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Bench Press Variations for a Bigger Chest | Guide & Tips

Bench Press Variations for a Bigger and Stronger Chest Consider several variations of the classic exercise bench press. Smith machine You can press the bar while lying...

Training Program for Pectoral Muscle Mass

Any newcomer who comes to the gym, sets the main goal of pumping biceps and pectoral muscles. And if with biceps everything is more or less clear, then with pectoral muscles there comes a complete misunderstanding of how to swing them. And the main mistake here is the abuse of the bench press. The bench press itself is a good basic exercise that loads the pectoral muscles, triceps and the anterior deltoid bundles. However, pumping the chest...

🔥How to Dumbbell Flyes | Guide & Video

🔥 Dumbbell Fly Execution technique Despite the fact that this exercise looks quite simple, the technique should be taken as seriously as possible. This approach will...

How to Do Perfect Pushup: Decline & Incline | Exercises Guide

How to Do Perfect Push-Ups Decline & Incline Push-Ups In this article, we will consider two perfect types of Decline push-ups & Incline push-ups, which...

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Start Losing Weight: She Lost Weight from 115 to 64 kg.

My Start Losing Weight Story My name is Masha I am 41 years old and this my start losing weight story. I have already lost...