Bench Press Variations for a Bigger Chest | Guide & Tips

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Bench Press Variations for a Bigger and Stronger Chest

Consider several variations of the classic exercise bench press.

chest press guide


Smith machine

You can press the bar while lying in Smith’s simulator. The bench press in Smith is well suited for those who have not tried working with a classic bench press with barbell. On the one hand, it’s better not to start with this variation bench press, but on the other, why not strengthen the muscles with such an isolated exercise.

bench press
smith machine


The big plus of the bench press in the simulator is that you do not need to be insured. At any time, you can lock the bar and stop the exercise.

The bar in the simulator is fixed in such a way that it walks only in a vertical plane. This is convenient, since you do not need to make any effort to keep the weight from vibrations in the horizontal plane.

To do press in smith mashine, set a bench under the barbell. should be above your eyes.

Warm-up with an empty barbell (usually in the simulator it weighs 20–25 kg). Then smoothly go to the working weight. The number of repetitions and approaches is similar to the classic bench press version.

Incline bench press

A separate article on our website is devoted to how to do the bench press correctly on an incline bench. Here we only note that this option is needed for pumping the top of the chest and the anterior bundle of deltoids.

Incline Bench Press exercises


Weights in this exercise will be less than in the horizontal bench press. Such a bench press can also be done in the Smith simulator.

From this position, the shoulders can be damaged during the bench press. Often this is due to improper weight selection. The shoulder twists, especially with bench press at an angle of 45 degrees. Do not forget about it.

How To Spot The Bench Press 

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Spotting – a must during bench press. It will allow you to work to capacity, to hammer muscles, give everything out one hundred percent. Spotting is not just help in lifting the bar, you need to insure correctly. Let us consider in more detail how to do this.

  1. Stand at the head of the bench.
  2. Lean over the bar from above, help to lift the barbell and bring it to the starting position (sometimes athletes do it themselves, but it won’t be unnecessary to ask).
  3. When the barbell is in the desired position, release it. Both people must act simultaneously. To achieve this, the one who presses usually accompanies each movement with his voice.
  4. Now it should be observed that the athlete independently press the bar the required number of times. Be careful not to leave, do not talk on the phone. Your help may be needed at any time.
  5. As soon as the sportsman presses can’t handle with the weight of the bar, with a few your fingers help him finish the repeat. Try to dose the effort so that the person works to the limit. Then put the barbell back on the racks.


A common mistake during spotting is an excessive tilt over to the barbell. Sometimes the Spoter falls forward with bar. Be careful and keep your balance.

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