5 Minute Abs Workout | Guide

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The best exercises and programs for training the abs in the gym

Abdominal 5 min workout
Abdominal 5 min workout guide


Abdominal muscles, or abs, are among the most significant muscle groups for athletes. For beginners, the abdominal in general is almost the main muscle, which they begin to pump. Meanwhile, almost no one is doing it right. In this article we will analyze the best exercises, programs, as well as the correct methodology for training the press in the gym.

Choose a purpose – Training Abs!

Before planning a training session in the gym, you need to decide on your training goal – that is, what result do you want to achieve? Most often it is either losing weight or “pumping 6 cubes ab”.

  • First case, there is a clear overweight athlete, which he wants to get rid of.
  • Second – as a rule, there is not much extra weight, but the press does not look relief.

However, whatever your goal when training the press, you must first learn one important rule: the relief of the press and burning excess fat largely depend on your diet, rather than what exercises and programs you use. Simply put, if you consume more calories than you spend – you can immediately forget about the 6 pack ab. Until you optimize your diet, there will be no proper result in pumping the abs.

Target areas of the Abdominal


Before you start training, you must clearly understand and know the anatomy of the press. The vast majority of athletes distinguish 3 areas of the press – the top, bottom and oblique muscles. However, this separation is incorrect. Contrary to prevailing myths, it is impossible to pump separately the top or bottom of the abs. This is due to the fact that the rectus abdominal muscle does not have bundles and divisions that would perform different functions and movements. That is why the load is distributed evenly along the entire length of the abs – from top to bottom.

Correct is the division of the abs into the rectus muscle and oblique muscles of the abdomen.

The best 5 min. Exercises for the press in the gym

Abdominal Workout
Abdominal Workout


After choosing training goals and understanding the anatomy of the press, you can start choosing exercises. For convenience, I divided all the exercises into 3 groups:

  • Body Ab Crunch  (rectus abdominis muscle)
  • Leg Ab Curl  (rectus abdominis muscle)
  • Oblique exercises

The best programs for the press in the gym

Next, we present the best, in my opinion, 5 minutes training programs. For ease of perception, I divided them into 4 groups: on the bottom of the abs (based on exercises with Raise the legs), for the top of the press (based on exercises with raise the body), and for the oblique muscles, for girls.

I note right away that programs for the lower and upper abs are not, in the full sense, programs for the upper and lower abs.
This division is based only on the types of exercises performed. Both one and the second program load the entire rectus abdominis muscle evenly.

Training 5 min. abs example exercises:

Exercise Repetition Approaches
Hanging legs raises 3 12
Reverse Ab Twists 3 12
Hanging knees raises 3 12
How often to train the abs?

Contrary to prevailing beliefs, frequent training of the abs is ineffective and can be harmful to health. The optimal training frequency is 1 time per week.

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