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The best exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides: are there any?

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Very often from beginners, and from middle-level athletes, I heard the question – with what exercises can I remove fat from the abdomen and sides? This question is very important, because these areas of the body are traditionally among the problem areas, that is, those where excess fat most often accumulates. It is worth noting that the issue of burning fat in a certain area, despite its simplicity, gives rise to a huge number of myths and misconceptions that are so rooted in the mind that they are perceived as truth. However, there is only one correct answer to this question, which we will analyze in this article.

How does the body accumulate and distribute fat?

The process of accumulation of fat occurs when the daily intake of calories exceeds their consumption. That is, simply put, when we eat more per day than we spend. In this case, first of all, fat is deposited in places closer to the center of gravity of the body – stomach, sides, hips, buttocks. In other places, fat is deposited worse and at a much lower rate.

The main conclusions from the above:

  • fat accumulation occurs only with an excess of daily calorie intake;
  • fat mainly accumulates in the abdomen, sides, thighs and buttocks.
  • How does the body spend stored fat?

The process of consumption of accumulated fat occurs only with a shortage of daily calorie intake. That is, in the event that we consume less calories than we spend. In this case, the burning of subcutaneous fat is carried out not locally (like accumulation), but evenly throughout the body. That is, with a calorie deficit, fat from all areas of the body begins to be consumed simultaneously.

The myth that you can lose weight in a particular area arose most likely due to the fact that the process of losing weight is visually most noticeable in places where naturally there is little fat and less noticeable where fat accumulates in the first place ( problem areas).

The best exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

Now that we know how fat is accumulated and consumed, we can quite specifically answer the main question of the article: with what exercises can you achieve weight loss of the abdomen and sides?

Answer: There are no such exercises. I will not tire of repeating that the issue of losing weight is connected, first of all, with your diet, and only then with the way you exercise in the gym.

Perhaps for someone such a categorical answer will be unsatisfactory or delusional, and most probably wanted to see a list of miraculous exercises with which you can remove fat from the abdomen and sides, but I described the physiology of the process as it really is, without anti-scientific speculation and misconception.

Of course, in the gym there are a number of exercises that burn a large number of calories in training, thereby contributing to their daily deficit and, as a result, weight loss. However, without a regular correct diet and diet, the result achieved will quickly disappear during a period of absence or violation of the regularity of training.

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