Best abs exercises for girls + Program

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Best abs exercises


The main goal of women’s training, unlike men’s, is, first of all, strengthening muscles, increasing their tone and losing weight by increasing physical activity. That is why the training of girls is based on slightly different principles than the training of men. Moreover, not only the nature of the load is different, but often the exercises themselves. In this article, we will analyze the best abs exercises for girls.

The right approach to training the press

Starting to download the press and building your workout, it is necessary to set its main goal to strengthen muscles and increase their tone. You should not consider training the press as a means of losing weight, since it is scientifically proven that individual exercises cannot burn fat locally. If weight loss is one of the main goals for you, first of all, work with your diet and diet. And only then begin to build a workout, this will significantly accelerate the achievement of desired goals.

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Best abs exercises for girls

Now we will analyze the best movements for training the abs for girls.

  • Twisting on a Roman bench – this exercise is excellently worked out by the press, loading its upper part.
  • Raising the knees in the elbow stance – this exercise also works well on the abs muscles and loads the lower area.
  • Double twisting lying – this basic exercise loads both the bottom and top of the press.
  • Reverse twisting on the ball – this basic exercise is aimed at developing not only the abs muscles, but also the small stabilizing muscles of the back and legs.
  • The emphasis lying on the ball – this exercise, like the previous one, is aimed at stabilizing the muscles of the abs and back.

Workout program for girls

Now, based on the above exercises, we will draw up the correct training program.

Option # 1 – press + stabilization

Exercises Approaches Repetitions
Reverse ball twists 3 12-15
Crunch 3 15
Plank on lying on the ball 3 10-60 sec



Option # 2 – a complex for beginners
Exercises Approaches Repetitions
Double twisting 3 12-15
Leg twist with elbow plank 3 15
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