🔥Peak Pecs Chest WORKOUT

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🚨 Peak Pecs Chest WORKOUT

👇 Incline Bench Press Proper Form

🎯Target Muscles: Upper Chest, Front Delts , Triceps

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Bar & Barbbell Over Mid Chest
❌Not Getting Full Muscle Contraction ❌Not Controlling Negatives


3 Things to Include:
✅Bar & Barbbell Over Upper Chest
✅Full Muscle Contraction Up Top
✅Slow and Controlled Reps

🚨Seated Chest Press

🎯Target Muscles: Lower & Middle Chest, Front & Middle Delts 

Seated Chest Press
Seated Chest Press

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Elbows Locked
❌Seat Too Far Forward
❌Fast / Uncontrolled Reps

3 Things to Include:
✅Elbows Slightly Bent
✅Proper Seat Placement
✅Controlled Rep Pace / Muscle Control

🚨Cable Chest Flyes


🎯Target Muscles: Lower Chest, Front& Middle Delts 

Cable Chest Flyes
Cable Chest Flyes

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Shoulders Moving Forward- Allowing shoulder to come forward releasing tension from chest and will lead to using body weight for additional momentum.
❌Bending Elbows- Bending elbows will engage the biceps and take away from delt engagement.
❌Hips Moving- Slight or dramatic hip movement will aid in assisting reps and take away from delt engagement.


3 Things to Include:
✅Body Stable- Keeping body stable and only shoulder joints moving will result in the best isolation and activation of the delts.
✅Elbows Remain Slightly Bent- With only a slight bend in the elbows, the shoulders remain isolated evenly and throughout the entire duration of the exercise.
✅Hips Stable- Keeping hips from moving or swaying will force you to engage more core and isolate the delts more effectively.

🚨Upper Chest Press with Smith Machine Bar

🎯Target Muscles: Upper Chest, Front Delts, Triceps

Upper Chest Press with Smith Machine Bar
Upper Chest Press with Smith Machine Bar

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Seat Too Far From Bar- If the seat is too far from the bar, you will be utilizing more muscles in your arms and your upper chest will not be as isolated.
❌Going Too Far Down With Bar- Going too far down strains the shoulders more than anything and also puts unnecessary strain on your wrists.
❌Not Getting Full Extension Up Top- Not going full range of motion will allow you to handle more reps but you’re missing out on the peak muscle contraction in your upper chest that will really make this exercise effective.

3 Things to Include:
✅Proper Seat Alignment- Bar should rest right over your upper chest resulting in the best upper chest isolation.
✅Bar Stops at Upper Chest- Keep the strain in the upper chest and keep your wrists healthy!
✅Full Extension & Upper Chest Squeeze Up Top- Squeeze that upper chest up top and control down slowly for the best upper chest muscle engagement.


🚨Alternating Dumbbell Press


🎯Target Muscles: Mid Chest, Front Delts, Triceps

Alternating Dumbbell Press
Alternating Dumbbell Press

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Elbows Too Wide- This is a topic of debate, but having elbows completely straight out will create more strain on your front delts. This is not the ideal position for a heavy compound exercise.


❌Feet Unstable- Not keeping feet grounded will limit balance and core / leg engagement resulting in less powerful reps.
❌Fast, Uncontrolled Reps- Without a full squeeze up top and a controlled negative, you are not activating the same amount of muscle fibers and will not build the same quality of muscle.

3 Things to Include:
✅Elbows Neutral- Keeping elbows slightly tucked will keep the strain off of your front delts and help prevent injury.
✅Feet Planted- Having a solid base generates the most power.
✅Slow, Controlled Reps- Increasing time under tension will result in more muscle fibers being activated and an overall better workout.

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