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This headline talks about one thing – to pump up your hands with dumbbells, you will need to observe several conditions.

  • A stimulator of muscle growth (testosterone) must be present in the body.
  • Muscle growth requires building material (a balanced diet).
  • You must have the right and individually tailored exercises.
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🔥 Arm curl on the upper block – bicep training

Bending your arms for biceps on the upper block is an insulating supporting exercise that can be performed at the end of a workout to achieve the target muscle group.

Muscle involved

This exercise in isolation loads:

  • Biceps or biceps muscle of the shoulder.
  • Shoulder muscle or brachialis.
  • She is under the biceps and with it participates in bending the arms in the elbow joints.

Additionally involved:

  • The brachioradius muscle – runs along the outside of the forearm.
  • Round pronator.

Biceps Curl

If you do the exercise correctly, no other muscles should get a noticeable load. Contraindications for performing flexion are injuries of the elbow joints or wrists.


Execution technique

You can work on biceps using the resistance of the cables of the block simulator in different ways. As for the upper block specifically, there are two options:

  1. Bending the arms in a crossover while standing or sitting.
  2. Bending your arms for biceps on a block while lying on a horizontal bench.

Standing or sitting curl biceps 

Bending your arms for biceps in a crossover is as follows:

  1. Attach the semicircular handles to the cables passing through the upper blocks. Grasp the handles with a reverse grip and stand between of the crossover exactly in the middle. If you plan to do the exercise while sitting, put a bench between the supports and sit on it. Ideally, the blocks should be at a height of 30-40 centimeters above the level of your shoulders.
  2. In the initial position, the arms are slightly bent at the elbows, tense and are in the same plane with the crossover struts. Turn the brushes a little on yourself. Keep your wrists and shoulders in good shape throughout the entire movement. When they relax, it is easy to get a dislocation or sprain.
  3. Do the right number of repetitions.

When performing the exercise, your arms from shoulder to elbow are in a constant position parallel to the floor. By controlling your actions in such a way that the movement occurs only in the elbow joint, you will maximize the target muscle group.

The biceps flexion in the crossover is performed synchronously with two hands. In this case, the body remains strictly in the center of the simulator and does not deviate from the plane of its racks.

Dumbbell Arm Curl

Stand up straight, lean against your back and buttocks the wall. Turn the dumbbells so that your palms are facing forward.

  • Option 1: simultaneously bend both hands, trying not to bend the brush on yourself. Up the dumbbells to your shoulders. Then, slowly lower them to almost the starting position. But do not straighten your arms completely!
  • Option 2: bend one arm, as stated in the previous version. The second hand is in the starting position. Straighten the first hand by analogy with “option 1”, when it stops, start to raise the second hand. That is, do the bending of the hands in turn.
Preacher Curl & Biceps Curl
💥 Preacher Curl & Biceps Curl


  • For each hand, 6-10 repetitions are done. This is the first exercise with hand dumbbells in your workout, so you need to be hard to get your biceps pumped up. Focus on working weights.

🔥 Hammer Kettlebell Curl

The essence of the exercise is that you simulate hammering nails on a horizontal surface without throwing your hand back.



You hold the kettlebell just like a hammer handle. The starting position is this: you are standing, posture is straight, it is advisable to press your back to something so that your body does not walk back and forth.

Like the previous exercise, the hammer is performed in two versions – simultaneous and separate for each hand. The hand rises slightly above the parallel with the floor, lingers in this position and slowly lowers back.

This exercise is already done with less weight and 8-12 times. Lighter weight does not mean that you take a light kettlebell and you will work in a relaxed mode. This means that here the emphasis is on endurance and quality of exercise, rather than on the size of the working weight.

The nuance of both exercises - you can perform them in a bench with slope. If you have an inclined bench, you can lie down on it at an angle of 45 degrees, creating additional stretching and stress on the biceps. But due to the fact that the elbows do not have emphasis, you will not achieve the effect of Scott's bench.

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