How to Do Leg Raises Bar, Types, Benefits & Exercises Guide

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How to Do Leg Raises Bar

Leg Raises Bar is an exercise that will be enough to strengthen the lower part of the abs.

How to Do Leg Raises Bar
Leg Raises Bar workout


The Benefits of Leg Raises Bar on the Horizontal bar

  1. Workout of the whole press, with an emphasis on the lower part (usually the most lagging).
  2. Strengthening the lower abdomen, creating a relief and aesthetic appearance.
    Strengthening the muscles of the abs.
  3. Prevention of various types of hernias.
  4. Strengthening the abdominal wall and maintaining the correct position of the internal organs.
  5. It is also worth noting a certain “extension” of the vertebrae, which often manual therapists prevent of pain.
  6. Prophylaxis decompression due to in a suspended position (even with muscle tension) helps to eliminate pain associated with the spine.

What muscle work?

  • The main target muscle when pulling the legs in the hanging, as in other abs exercises, is the rectus abdominal muscle.
  • However, unlike twists of lifting legs, which involves the oblique muscles of the abdomen. Lifting the legs in front of you involves the muscles of the lower abdomen.
  • Despite the fact that the abs muscle looks like a long rectangular shape, try to divide the workout into “top” and “bottom”.

The list of involved muscles:

  • The rectus abdominal muscle;
  • Transversus;
  • Internal oblique;
  • External oblique;
  • Aponeurosis

The oblique muscle practically does not work if the movement is performed without twisting legs to the side.

The Technique of Leg Raises Bar

The option of lifting straight legs in the hang is also called a “corner 90 degree”, due to the position of the body at the top point.

How to Hang Raise Legs
How to Hang Raise Legs workout
  1. Hang on the horizontal bar, the look is directed in front of you, the body is in an upright position. Feet brought together.
  2. Start lifting your legs forward to the level parallel to the floor. Movement is carried out only in the hip joint.
  3. After raising your legs, make a short pause (0.5-1 second) at the peak point, and then slowly lower your legs down.

Define the width of the arm and grip, so that you can hang for as long as possible. Usually the most natural is a direct grip (palms pointing forward) when the arms are shoulder-width apart.

You can read about different types of grip in our article.


To complicate the execution and load the target abs area more, try to do twisting when you leg raises the bar with the turn of the pelvis to forward. In this case, the legs should be raised, above the level of the horizon with the floor.

Tips of Leg Raises Bar

  • It is optimal to do 10-12 strict repetitions in the set (3-5 approaches in training). A greater number of repetitions lead to the fact that all the work is taken over by the legs.
  • Exercise can be performed in the block for training the press both at the beginning and at the end of the session.
  • For progression, use weighting agents on your feet or increase the delay at the peak point (up to 2-3 seconds).
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