How to Lose Belly Fat In 30 Days: Simple Exercises


🚨How to Lose Belly Fat In 30 Days (Simple Exercises + Diet Plan)

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  1. Nutrition Features
  2. Sports Nutrition Supplements
  3. Base exercises for Lose Belly
  4. Principles workout
  5. Cardio Tips

A beautiful body is a symbiosis of hard work and proper nutrition. No training on sculpt body for men will lead to the desired result if you eat everything in a row. And, on the contrary, on only low-calorie nutrition you will only lose weight, but do not create a sports figure. However, in spite of everything, it is quite possible for an ordinary person to get a beautiful and sculpted body.

Gain Mass or Relief?

And let’s try to do both this and that at the same time. It will turn out a cross between the mass and the relief.

How to Achieve Relief and Lose Belly Fat 

How to build relief muscles without sport chemistry and is it real?

Each person has his own genetically determined minimum percentage of fat. You can’t overcome it without an exhausting and long-term diet (is it necessary to do this at all?). Therefore, not everyone is given the opportunity to see the perfect outlined cubes on their press, like those of top bodybuilders.

A flat belly and beautiful relief? Everyone can achieve this, especially if there is no excess weight. In this case, the body sculpt work will be successful.

Your task is patience and will. You will need patience in order to wait for the result and not to give up everything you started. And the will is to overcome oneself and adhere to a certain diet.

The foundation of any bodybuilding training program is nutrition. This is more than half your success. The main task of nutrition is to create a calorie deficit without compromising brain activity and the functioning of the whole body. Together with training, this will help to create, if not a super relief, then an pumping and beautiful body - that's for sure.

Nutrition Features

To create a relief body at home or in the hall, you need to limit yourself to carbohydrates: pure sugar, chocolate, muffin, pasta. Forget about sweet soda water – this is not for you. To burn 100 ml of drunk cola, you need to run hard for 5 minutes on a treadmill. A small 330 ml can can cost you 15 minutes of running at a good pace. In words, this is not so scary, but everything changes when you step on the track, turn on the timer and set the speed to at least 12 km per hour.

You should increase the amount of protein food, reduce carbohydrates and slightly reduce fat. Check weighing on an empty stomach once a week. So you can accurately understand whether something is changing in your body. If the figures weight remains at the same level – you need to slightly lower calorie.


belly fat exercise
belly fat exercise

Sports Nutrition Supplements

How to give relief to a male body without additives? Pretty hard. Proper balanced food need a lot. Sports nutritional concentrates – protein isolates, vitamins, individual amino acids and joint protectors – are golden helpers in this matter. The body of an athlete requires much more nutrients to maintain its shape than the body of an inactive layman.

Which is better – 1 kg of oranges or a tablet with ascorbic acid? Both that and that are not bad.

Nutrition Supplements
Sports Nutrition Supplements
Exercises Lose Belly Fat & Another Parts Body

Training programs for muscle relief can be done by yourself, then I will list the exercises and options and performances to make myself relief legs, relief back, abs and the another parts body.

Base exercises for Lose Belly

Basic training remains in your program. All three basic exercises (bench press, squat, deadlift) should continue to be done in the same way as during weight gain. If your power drop a little – do not worry. Relief training is associated with weight loss, some muscles can also go away with strength.

Perform 2 approaches with a working weight, so as not to lose your strength indicators, and then 2 approaches with a small weight for relief

Arms and Shoulders

exercises on relief muscle will help make your biceps, triceps and deltoids firm and strong.

Curl Dumbbell Biceps

You can perform this exercise using the hammer technique, or you can turn your palms up. Do 4 sets of 20 times at a pace with light weight or 12-15 times with a heavier weight.

Raises Dumbbells to the chin

You can do this exercise with a barbell. This will create a relief of the muscles of the shoulders and top of the trapezium. Do as many approaches as in the previous exercise, but have 15 reps at an average pace.

Lift dumbbells to the chin

Dumbbell Front Raises & Fly dumbbells to the side

To give relief to the muscles of the shoulders, it is better to do 2 exercises without a pause. For example, Dumbbell Front Raises & Fly Dumbbells. Perform 15 lifts and dilutions, then rest. And so 4 times at an average pace.

Extension Triceps Crossover

Use different bar for extension triceps crossover (straight and curved), do 2 sets with a heavy weight of 8 reps, and then 2 sets with a lighter weight so many times to cause muscle failure. The relief of your arm muscles will be look fine.

Triceps extension

How to make your hands relief with these exercises? Do 2-3 exercises for one muscle group per workout.


Dumbbell Fly

By Fly dumbbells at different angles, you will create a good relief of the pectoral muscles. Use a horizontal bench, change the angle of inclination, make breeding upside down. Perform each option, this is 4 sets of 15-20 times.


Cable Crossover

Cable chest in Crossover will replace your Dumbbell Chest Fly. We worked the upper body. But the relief figure implies a pumped up press and strong legs. Let’s start pumping them


How to make a relief body in the abs area? Pump your abs! Do some abs exercises every workout. It can be straight and oblique twists, raises of the body and legs. Use the maximum number of repetitions in 3-4 approaches. Do not overload the press with additional weights. Do various exercises for the abdominal muscles from the bar to the dynamic options 2 times a week.

Abdominal exercises


How to make legs relief? With the help of extension leg, squat and leg press in the simulator. The leg press with different foot positions also pump and do relief muscle well. Do 15-20 repetitions in each approach. For girls on the gym, it is better to do the squat and the leg press is best done with the feet wide, the knees turned to the sides. Then the gluteal muscles will turn on more.

legs press exercises

Do not forget about the calves – we do several approaches of 15-20 lifts on them in the simulator to failure.

Back Exercises

Workouts for the back include Lat Pulldown of the upper and lower blocks, Raise of the dumbbell and barbell in the slope. Fly dumbbells in an incline dumbbell row is also best done.

Principles of building a workout

  1. First we do basic exercises, then choose 2-3 exercises from the above for one muscle group.
  2. In one training session, it is better to do 2 groups, for example, legs-shoulders, back-ticeps or biceps.
  3. For a week you need to work out the whole body – everything is standard here.
  4. Circular training in our case is not the best option – you will lose weight quickly, but as an experiment you can try.
  5. Rest between hard approaches for as long as the body needs, and between failures for the number of times – 60–70 seconds.


How to make the body relief without cardio? In general – no way. This is also a necessary exercises of the training. As a warm-up before training, any program for muscle relief should include running, an exercise bike. About 15 minutes of work will help you burn a few calories (namely, 0.33 liters of drunk cola), using muscle glycogen as fuel, and set your body to workout.

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