Target Your ABS Effectively

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ABS Effectively

Abdominal 6 Pack Abs


Press + Strength: Workout for a raised abdomen and powerful core
All of us (well, most of us) want to simultaneously add strength and see cubes on the press. According to our experts, this is a very real scenario.


Perform this complex 3 times a week, ideally – every other day. If you are still a beginner in the gym, then this program should be everything that you will be doing in the gym in the next month. If you are an experienced athlete, then just add these exercises to your workouts.

Warm up

Do all exercises in a circle for 5 minutes. Rest between the approaches is regulated by yourself, but do not rush much: it is better to focus on the ideal technique of each movement.

1. Quadroplex

Get on all fours so that the hands are strictly under the shoulder joints, and the knees – clearly under the hip. Tighten the straight and oblique muscles of the abdomen, fix the pelvis. Without changing the position of the lower back and pelvis, gently straighten and raise your left arm and right foot to the horizon. Hold this position for 1 second. Return to the original and repeat the movement with the other hand and foot. Return to the original – and voila: you did 1 repetition. Do 8 repetitions.



Important: Be sure to further reduce the buttocks at the top of the movement and raise your hand high enough.

2. Rotation in the side plank

Stand in the position of the side plank in the emphasis on the left hand. Raise your right hand above you, keep the body in line with your legs. Gently turn the body to the left and lower your right hand under the chest. Also, slowly return to the starting position. This will be 1 repeat. Do 10 repetitions in each direction.

side plank



3. Shell

Stand in the position of the side bar with support on the right hand, bend your knees to the right angle. Keep the body with the hips in a single line. Keeping your abdominal muscles tense, lift your left leg to the side as high as possible. Hold this position for 1 second. Return to starting position – this is 1 repetition. Do 15 repetitions with each foot.

Shell Plank



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