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Deadlift – a powerful body, strong muscles!

Deadlift – is one of the three basic basic exercises for which you need to learn the correct technique. Deadlift is one of the exercises where only the exact technique will ensure safe execution.

Deadlift exercises

This exercise, which simultaneously loads a large number of muscles, and provides a good increase in muscle mass and strength. Actively included in bodybuilding and powerlifting programs.

What muscles work when you do the deadlift?

Since this is a basic exercise (polyarticular), then a large number of muscles will be included in the work. From the shoulder girdle to the leg muscles

Muscles included in the work:


Deadlift Technique

As I said above, a very important point – the execution technique, because the wrong technique – create a problems

Deadlift Technique
How to Deadlift Technique


Starting position
  • First, go to the bar on the floor and place your feet shoulder-width apart parallel to each other.
  • Secondly, the grip should be slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, hands take an upright position.
  • Thirdly, the shoulders are above the bar, and the gaze is not directed down, but up.
  • Fourth, do not forget about a flat back !! This rule will be the key to your healthy spine. Bend your back forward as much as possible.
End Deadlift position
  1. Take a deep breath and exhale lift the barbell. No abrupt movement. Barbell moves strictly up along the legs.
  2. The final position will be the position when you will be straightened with a barbell in your hands.
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