How to Do Pull-ups Workout with Proper Form | Exercises & Guide

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Pull-ups workout on the horizontal bar: types of grip and muscle growth

Pull-ups workout on the horizontal bar can be equated to the most effective exercises performed with your own weight. All that is needed for training is the crossbar and the desire to work on yourself.


pull ups exercises


Pull-ups workout – what muscles work

The main benefit of pull-ups is that they allow you to work out almost all the main muscles of the shoulders and back:

  • back muscles (latissimus, trapezium, rhomboid, round)
  • breasts (large and small breast)
  • front dentate muscles
  • shoulder muscles (biceps, brachial, triceps, back delta) and forearms
    the press performs static work to fix the vertical position of the body

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Normal grip pull-ups

Pull-ups with the usual grip Width – a little more than shoulder width, upper grip (palms looking out). At top dead center, the arms are fully bent at the elbow joint, the chin above the bar. At bottom dead center, arms are fully extended.

Exercise should be performed without swinging, the negative phase (lowering the body) – controlled descent. Usually, the negative and positive phase of the exercise is performed at the same speed, however, biceps are more sensitive to the negative phase of the load, so many athletes recommend performing the negative phase about twice as long as the positive. If an athlete cannot pull himself up, then his partner helps him in this, lifting and letting himself lower himself slowly (according to the method of controlled descent) is one of the ways to learn how to pull up. In pull-ups with a usual grip, biceps, trapezius and latissimus dorsi are uniformly loaded.

Reverse Grip Pull-ups

reverse grip

Pull-up pull-ups There are two methods of execution: a regular grip in width (slightly narrower than in pull-ups with a normal upper grip) and a narrow grip. In both time, the grip hands is the lower (reverse), so that the palms look inward.

Exercise loads mainly the biceps and the widest back. Moreover, the narrower the grip, the greater the load on the biceps. A distinctive feature of the exercise, as nowhere else, the amazing property of pull-ups itself – the muscles on which we focus are pumped. Pull-ups are considered one of the best ways to pump your biceps.

Wide grip pull-ups workout

pull-ups workout


  • In contrast to the previous movement, here the back muscles are loaded – the broadest. At the outer point, the head is behind the bar so that the trapezius muscles of the back and shoulders almost touch the crossbar.
  • If the exercise is performed in an effort to touch the crossbar with the chest, then the front deltas will develop (in combination with the bench press, this technique gives amazing results in the growth of the mass of the pectoral muscles).
  • Similar to the previous exercises, pullup with a wide grip should be performed slowly, with a controlled descent.
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