How to Do Kipping Pull Up Technique Training, Tips, Benefits

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How to Do Kipping Pull Up

Kipping Pull Up – are suitable exclusively for athletes in the CrossFit discipline, since this technique does not imply quality and concentration, but the quantity and speed of execution.

How to Kipping Pull Up workout
Pull Up Workout


Kipping Pull Up – this is a variant of pull-ups, which is carried out due to the impulse, or to be more precise, due to inertia. At first glance, the exercise is not important and mandatory.
Amateur athletes do not need to perform it if the goal of the training is to increase the width of the back.

Kipping – is an exercise due to which a person can be tightened due to the strength of the muscles of the whole body.

In CrossFit, this type of pull-ups is very popular since, in the rules for performing pull-ups, the chin should be raised by the bar in any way.

Benefits of Pull Up

  • This exercise is a great way to train explosive strength, coordination, grip strength.
  • It is an intermediate or auxiliary exercise for mastering more complex techniques, such as lifting with a coup or going out by force.
  • During the execution of kipping pull up, most of the muscles of the body are involved in the work.

A drawback of this type of pull-ups is a large load on the ligaments and joints, respectively, there is an increased likelihood of injury. That is why you cannot use kipping for those athletes whose number of push-ups is less than or equal to ten.

What muscles work

In this exercise, the same muscles are involved as in other types of pull-ups, however, to a lesser extent due to rocking and inertia. Other muscles, such as the biceps of the thigh, are also involved.


So, the muscles involved in kipping:

  1. Trapezoidal;
  2. Diamond-shaped;
  3. Round (large and small);
  4. The widest;
  5. Toothed;
  6. The back of the deltoid muscles;
  7. Biceps;
  8. Muscles that stabilize the spine;
  9. Hips biceps

Kipping Preparatory Exercises

In order to perform kipping, you should begin to perform exercises such as:

All these exercises involve and strengthen the muscles of your body and prepare it to perform kipping pull-ups. If you perform 10 or more pull-ups, then you can easily perform the exercise.

Executing kipping pull-ups with Resistance Band

Kipping Pull Up with Resistance Band
Kipping Pull Up with Resistance Band


Exercise preparation

  1. Having taken a position on the horizontal bar, you should start with the swing. Thirty seconds is enough.
  2. Then add short pull-ups in the swing. During their execution, the crossbar should be at eye level. This movement is performed for approximately thirty seconds, and only after it, you can execute a kipping pull-up.

The Technique of Kipping Pull-Ups

  • Kipping pull up is done from hanging on the horizontal bar. The position of the body is identical to that of conventional pull-ups. The grip is straight, slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • The movement begins with the swing of the legs back. At this point, the pectoral muscles should be stretched and a deflection should be made in the chest.
  • Then the legs jerk forward. The principle is like on a swing. At this moment, an impulse is created, with the help of which the athlete throws the body up by pull up it with his hands.
  • Feet should be together. At the top point of the amplitude, the athlete must fix the position for several seconds.
  • The exercise is performed on holding the breath.
  • The exhalation occurs at the top of the amplitude, and the inhalation occurs at the moment when the legs are fed back in the hanging position.
Technique of Kipping Pull-Ups
How to Technique of Kipping Pull-Ups



  • Before doing kipping, be sure to pay attention to the high-quality and high-grade warm-up of joints and ligaments of the shoulder girdle
  • There must be a pause between repetitions. Start with 2-3 reps, not more. Pay attention to the technique of execution, not the number of approaches
  • Kipping is a very effective pull-up for “finishing the exercise.” This exercise should be used when there is no strength left during pull-ups.
  • The alternation of classic pull-ups with kipping is also relevant.
  • It is very important to fix the position at the top point of the amplitude for a few seconds.
  • In CrossFit exercise is performed not just on the number, but on time or the number of repetitions for a certain period of time. Therefore, the exercise should be performed for a while, starting with the minimum values, for example, 10-15 seconds, after which a minute break should be made. Gradually, the runtime needs to be increased.


Whether it is worth using the technique as kipping pull up or not is an individual decision. In most cases, this exercise is inefficiently and is suitable for CrossFit athletes. In addition, it is dangerous to perform it for ligaments and joints, and if the muscles are poorly heated, then they are easy to stretch and injure.

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