💪HOW TO ATG Squats | Guide

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⭕️ ATG squats (or squats in general) are BAD for your knee health?

ATG squats (or squats in general)
✳️ ATG squats (or squats in general)

🔥What does the research say about people with a history of deep loded squats and knee health?

Well, contrary to most people & gym bros beliefs, squats seem to be very useful and actually recommended when it comes to knee health.


Research investigated the level of knee degeneration in weightlifters with a background of ~17 years of experience. The study showed no worsen level of degeneration of an age matches population.

🔥 Actually, weightlifters have been shown to have higher cartilage thickness than non-weightlifters:

  • The thought behind it is that when squatting there are anabolic, biochemical and structural adaptations of the cartilage tissue, causing increased mechanical stress tolerance and hence protective effects against degenerative changes in both cartilage and meniscus.
  • Squats below 90 degrees stress cartilage of the odd facet preventing cartilage degeneration and atrophy of the odd facet.

Do your squats fellas and do them ATG because they’re safe and cool. Make sure you do them right though and always be a master of the basics.

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