🔥 Build a Powerful Chest 👇| Guide

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🚨 Build a Powerful Chest

✅ Wrist pain is common, especially during the bench press. One cause of this pain is poor hand and wrist posture. By holding the bar too high up in the hand, your wrist can bend during the bench press, causing pain and giving you a weaker benchpress.⁣⁣


Bench Press
Bench Press

Grip the bar lower on your hand instead and keep your wrist neutral, stacking your joint under the bar to ensure the safest and the strongest bench press!



Chest Training
Chest Training



What’s the smallest, fastest piece of advice you can give somebody who’s just approaching the bench press, when you don’t really have the time to explain all the cues he’d need to keep in mind?

✅ Simply tell him: “push yourself away from the bar”. 



✅ What does that even mean? Well, as you can see from the drawing, when you’re pushing yourself away from the bar rather than just pushing the bar up, you’re keeping your shoulderblades tucked back together, creatin an upper back arch: this alone creates a strong upper back base from where force is generated and pushed up.
The upper back is tight & the chest is pushed out as a response, which equals to a strong & safe set up, especially for the shoulders, which don’t rotate forward & then potentially cause tendons to get pinched.

Will he also arch his back without telling him? I don’t think so, but chances are he will (atleast to a degree) through that advice.


❌ Just pushing the weight up doesn’t really help much. This because people will want to push it all the way up and in 99.9% of the cases, (1) they’ll lose their upper back tightness aswell, (2) their scapulas adduction, (3) making their shoulders more likely to rotate forward and causing impingement, without that much chest activation at all.

Simple tip, yet can change your bench game for the better.

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