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✅ An Upper/Lower split is perfect for a 4 day workout split. You will perform 2 Upper Body sessions and 2 Lower Body Sessions. To make this more effective make sure you dedicate one of each session to strength training and one to hypertrophy to maximise your results

✅ Below are some exercises you can perform on your upper/lower days which are very effective for building muscle.


✅ Cycle between these workouts and utilise them 3-4 times a week for great results.

🚨 Barbell Bench Press / Chest Press


  1. Position yourself with your back down on a flat bench placing the hands up on the bar using an underhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. After taking a deep breath in, extend the elbows and lift the bar up off the rack until elbows are extended but not locked. Pause for a brief movement as you fully extend your breath.
  3. Lower the weight directly down to the chest as you breath inwards, keeping the movement pattern slow and steady.
  4. Once just above the chest, pause, and then press directly up again, exhaling your breath.
  5. Continue until all reps are completed and then re-rack the barbell.
Full Body Workout
Full Body Workout

✅ If you want to get the most optimal results you should be training each muscle group 2-3 times a week. This means if you are training 4 times a week it would be effective to divide your leg sessions into a strength vs hypertrophy focus.

🚨 Barbell Squats

  • Set up the barbell on the squat rack so that it is at the same height as your upper chest.
  • Position your body under the bar, with knees bent so that the bar is resting high on the back of your shoulders.
  • Grip the bar with your hands comfortably wider than your shoulders.
  • Slowly straighten your legs to push upwards, lifting the barbell from the rack and take one step forward.
  • Stand with your legs shoulder width apart.
  • Bend your knees forward and allow your hips to bend back as if sitting down
Lowerbody Strength Hypertrophy
Lowerbody Strength Hypertrophy
  • Continue this movement down until your thighs are parallel to the floor or slightly more, making sure your knees are pointing in the same direction as your feet.
  • Hold for a count of one.
  • Push up through your heels while straightening your hips and knees, until you are standing in the start position.
  • Make any adjustments necessary to your stance and grip before continuing on the next repetition.
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