🔥Chest 3 Pack Exercise | Guide

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🔥Seated Chest Press Machine

💪 Consider the 3 TOP exercises for the chest, which can be combined into one workout for detailed workout of the pectoral muscle

Seated Chest Press Machine
✅ Seated Chest Press Machine
  • Great exercise for the chest, it uses almost all the bundles of the pectoral muscle;
  • Triceps will be used again in the simulator.

✅  Chest Fly Machine Form

Chest Fly Machine Form
✅  Chest Fly Machine Form

I see a lot of people trying to go really heavy on this machine and go to the point that they cant bring the handles together without bending their elbows and bringing their body forward because the weight is to heavyBy doing this you are not effectively hitting your chest when you do the exercise and you are just putting more emphasis on your shoulders!

Lower the weight for this machine and keep your arms relatively straight so when you bring your arms together you are getting a really good squeeze on your pectoral muscles and making every set count

✅  Chest Press 

Chest Press 
✅  Chest Press 

How to: 

  • One of the most important and important exercises is the bench press, as this is an excellent and difficult exercise to start training with it!
  • Lie on the bench in the simulator simulator, set the desired weight. Start lowering the bar until it touches the chest, and then lift it.
  • The picture above will help to avoid the wrong movement of hands and elbows.
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