How to Do Best Biceps Workout, Benefits, Tips

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How to Do Best Biceps Workout, Benefits, Tips

To pump best bigger biceps use this four-week training here we will look at how to do grow best biceps workout with supersets.

The best biceps workout, benefits, tips
How to Do Best Biceps workout, benefits, tips


To pump your biceps efficiently set aside a separate day for them. The best option for training is for example you train the Chest and shoulders on a separate day, legs, rest, back day and a separate day for biceps. Today we’ll talk about training your biceps and how to build a workout plan.

There are various methods for training biceps you can try biceps curl workout, but do not expect it to be simple. You need to build the right training program for biceps and then you can make your biceps grow.

Consider a biceps training that will be performed in 3 supersets. For example, you do the first superset of exercise A. Rest for 1 minute. Do the second superset of exercise B. Rest. Do superset exercises A and B one after another without rest.

Superset for Best Biceps Workout


Training Plan: Your training will consist of 6 exercises and three supersets. Use this training technique to grow your biceps.

Train your biceps 2 times a week for a month. Try to increase weights in workouts and super sets this will keep your biceps muscles in constant stress and give excellent results which will already be visible visually in the hands of your t-shirt.

Try not to overload your biceps with large weights, focus on the technique of performing exercises in the wake of the technique there will be more strength and the weight will increase.

Get The Most Out Of This Biceps Workout

Perform exercises so that all movements are in full amplitude, at the lower point the biceps will stretch as much as possible, thereby triggering the growth processes of your biceps muscle. Avoid cheating or sudden movements that may result in personal injury.

Do biceps exercises so that at the upper point when the arms are closer to the chin you can squeeze your biceps as much as possible for 1-2 seconds. It will fill the biceps well with blood and make the biceps grow.

At the bottom point when your arms are straight stretch your muscles as much as possible. Stretching muscles is very important to stimulate biceps growth.

Tips to Exercise Your Biceps

  1. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, the more you focus on the target muscle, the faster it grows, he called it the neural connection between the muscle and the brain.
  2. Monitor the pace of the exercise, lowering the barbell or dumbbells on 1-2 times, adhere to this pace to maximize the load on the biceps
  3. The lifting of dumbbells or barbells should be accompanied by a count, for example 1-2-3 we raise to the top point

The Best Biceps Workout

1. How to Do Dumbbell curl

How to Incline Dumbbell Curl
Ho to Do Dumbbell curl exercises

How to Do Dumbbell curl
Dumbbell curl exercises

3- Set , 10 Repetitions


Lie on a bench with a slope of 45 degrees, take dumbbells in your hands, palms turned. Curl arms to the top point, in the very top hold the dumbbells for 2 seconds. and controllably lower to the starting position

2. How to Do Hammer curl

How to biceps exercises
How to do biceps exercises

3-Sets, 15-Repetitions

Get straight, take dumbbells, your wrist will look with your palms towards you. Without changing the position of the hands, raise your hands to the upper point, at the very top, fix for 1-2 seconds while squeezing the biceps as much as possible. Lower the dumbbells to their original position.

3. Ho to Do Preacher curl

How to Preacher curl
How to Do Preacher curl

3-Sets, 10-Repetitions

Sit down on a preacher bench or as this exercise is also called scott bench. Take a EZ-barbell or dumbbells and begin to slowly raise, at the top point squeeze your biceps as much as possible. Return your hands with bar back in a original position.

4. How to Do Preacher reverse curl

How to Reverse Preacher Curl
How to Do Reverse Preacher Curl








3- Sets,  12-Repetitions

This is a similar exercise with Preacher curl – only here you take the reverse grip of the bar. Perform the same lifting of the barbell to the chin, hold the barbell in the upper position for 1-2 seconds while concentrate on your biceps as much as possible. Lower the bar to its original position.

5. How to Do Cable Bar curl

How to Cable-Preacher-Curl
How to Do Cable-Preacher-Curl

3- Sets,  12-Repetitions

Put a bench in front of the hammer simulator, hang flat a bar, pick it up or ask your spotter to give it to you. Sit on scott bench. Perform the desired number of repetitions.

6. How to do Cable hammer curl

how to do Cable hammer curl
How to Cable hammer curl

This exercise should be performed near the Hammer simulator, lower the simulator mount to the floor, hang a bar or rope. Set the desired weight. Slowly and with emphasis, start raising the bar to your chest. In the upper position, lock the bar for 1-2 seconds and concentrate on your biceps as much as possible. Perform the desired number of repetitions.

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