How To Perfect The Overhead Shoulder Press, Tips, Benefits

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How to do Overhead Shoulder Press

If you need build up massive shoulders to include a overhead shoulder press in your training program.

How to Overhead Press
How to do Overhead Press


If your goal build up massive shoulders, you need to include exercises such as overhead press in your training programs, it will increase your strength and shoulder volume. Imagine you are flying on an airplane and you need to load a heavy suitcase into the luggage compartment, you can easily lift the suitcase over your head. And so let’s look at how to properly train your shoulders.

Some people confuse such types of presses as overhead press and shoulder press but in fact it is almost the same exercise since presses you can perform it both standing and sitting

Let’s take a closer look at how to perform overhead press and here you can read how we perform shoulder press.

Right to Do The Overhead Shoulder Press

seated dumbbell shoulder press exercises
How to do seated dumbbell shoulder press


If you are a beginner, then you should start with the seated dumbbell shoulder press exercise. This will reduce the likelihood of injuries, as in this position your lower back will have support you will also have additional stability you will not need to think about how to maintain balance.

This exercise is as effective as Overhead Press with the help of seated shoulder press you can also add in the presses and increase the volume of your shoulders.

Overhead Press Form Guide

Overhead Press exercises
How to Do Overhead Press

Get upright, tighten your whole body, abs muscles hold balance. Take the barbell and put it on top of your chest the grip width is wider than the shoulders. Press the bar directly above your head and immediately lower it to its original position on the chest.

How To Do Perfect The  Overhead Press


Use this advice from our online coach Gym Guide there you will find many articles on how to build huge shoulders and not only.

Take a shoulder-width grip

The wider the bar grip the more weight you can lift, try to keep your elbows under your wrists.

How to keep weight right

  • Keep your chest straight this will help maintain balance and breathe correctly.
  • Your back should be strained.
  • Muscles abs will help stabilize your body then movements will be more smooth this in turn will help to avoid injuries in your shoulder joint.
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