How to Do Upright Dumbbell Row, Tips, Benefits

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How to Do Upright Dumbbell Row

If you were looking for a universal exercise for the shoulder and traps, then the best in your arsenal should be Upright Dumbbell Row.

Upright Dumbbell Row
Variation Dumbbell Row


The Сontent Article:

  1. What muscles work
  2. Exercise Technique
  3. Technique mistakes


The dumbbell row to the chin allows you to pumping the deltoid muscles of the shoulders and traps. This grow the shoulder girdle and upper back stronger, and your body more shape and pump up.

Medium part shoulder also may be pumped workout by dumbbell lateral raise, but upright dumbbell row a more effective exercise.

Muscle in use: Upright Dumbbell Row

Working muscles are:

  1. Shoulder: The bigger load get a middle and front delts.
  2. Traps: The trap most pumped when your elbows rise above a horizontal position.
  3. The grip width get load the traps in the dumbbell row exercise. With a narrow grip you can most the load main traps muscle and secondary delts too.

Note: However, this is more actual for upright barbell row to the than for dumbbells row.

Works Muscles in Upright Row
Muscles Work in Dumbbell Row


Technique of the exercise Upright Dumbbell Row.

Upright Dumbbell row is done as follows:

  1. Take the dumbbells in your hand, stand and spread your legs shoulder width apart.
    Lower your hands in front of you, wrists turned to the body, elbows slightly bent.
  2. The back in the starting position is straight, the gaze is directed forward, a natural deviation in the lower back.
  3. Bend your arms with dumbbells in your elbows .The distance between the dumbbells the same.
  4. Dumbbells move along the body, the position of the body is straight, the elbows are not stretched forward.
  5. Raise the dumbbells to the level of the chin and elbows to the highest possible height.
  6. Before reaching the parallel with the floor, the deltoid muscles mainly work, after which the trapezoid is turned on. At the highest point, focus on maximum muscle tension.
  7. Lower the dumbbells along the body to the starting position.

Regarding the number of repetitions and approaches in this exercise, the recommendations are as follows: to increase shoulder mass and increase muscle volume, it is recommended to do 8-12 repetitions in 3-4 approaches.

If you are an experienced athlete and work with heavy weights, do 4-6 reps. This technique not only gives growth, but also increases muscle strength.

Note: Try to avoid twitching and heavy weight during exercise. This is not recommended because it will train other muscles. In addition, any sudden movements when working with dumbbells create an unnecessary load on the muscle bunche.

Execution mistakes

So that the exercise brings maximum pumping and does not cause harm to the joints and ligaments, pay attention to the popular mistakes that occur during its execution. This is how to for you to control your movements and work on muscle grow without risk of injury.


  • Do not raise your elbows above your shoulders;
  • Not tilt your body forward or backward, try to keep your body upright;
  • Keep the dumbbells strictly horizontal and do not lift with jerk.

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