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🔥Side raises, everything you need to know

How to Side Raises
✳ How to Side Raises

✳ Side raises are a great exercise for the lateral deltoid, however often they are performed incorrectly. The main error that occurs is aiding the motion with shoulder elevation through the use of the upper traps. This not only takes the load of the deltoid but can even creates a neural pattern of compensation with traps for a shoulder abduction movements. The best way to remedy this is 1) cut down the weight the deltoid has a lot of leverage working against it because of its insertion, and how long the arm is. 2) Work on strengthening the lower traps to stabilize the shoulder blades better.

💥 Second common error is performing these exercises in the frontal plane (straight to the side) and with a locked out elbow. That position isn’t super favorable for the health of the shoulder joint or the elbow. The bony anatomy of the shoulder leaves little room to house all of the structures inside the joint which can cause impingement. This can be remedied by having the shoulder in the scapular plane roughly 30 degrees in horizontal adduction (check picture for visual). Next having the elbow locked out 1) puts all the stress on the ligaments and joint and puts the weight at its highest leverage. At this position if done correctly even a 20 lb dumbbell would feel heavy. To remedy this keep a slight bend in the elbow.

How to Side Raises
How to Side Raises

👇 Lastly some pro tips, instead of using a variety of weight adjust the position of the dumbbells closer to the shoulder by banding the elbow more to lower the torque your shoulder has to work against. This will allow you to continue using the same weight even if you fatigue. Adjust how close you want the weight based in how easy it feels. Try this out next time you’re at the gym!

Lastly if you’re looking for a full body workout try performing unilateral dumbbell raises, the change in center of gravity will have your core working very hard to keep you from shifting!

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