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The deltoids are made up of three heads; an anterior (front), posterior (Rear) and a lateral (side) head.


They all carry out slightly different functions. For example, the anterior head helps to flex the shoulder joint (lift arm up in front of body), the posterior head is responsible for transverse abduction and hyperextension of the shoulder & the lateral head helps abduct the shoulder joint (lift arm up and away from the body to the side).
With all of this in mind, it’s then important to include exercises in your training regimen that hits all of these functions. Most pressing movements will hit your front delts quite well and side raises (cable or dumbbell) are your best best for the lateral deltoid.

The posterior (rear) delts are often the most neglected of the three heads, but can really help to add width to the top of a physique, as well as giving your delts a rounded appearance from the side. Some good exercises to target the rear delts include cable reverse peck deck, rear delt flyes, high bar rows, face pulls and pull ups.


EXERCISE 1:DB Press:[3x|10]
🔥Super-Set next movement
EXERCISE 2:Single Lateral Raise:[3x|10]
EXERCISE 3:Ez Bar Front Raise:[3x|10]

🔥Super-Set Next movement
EXERCISE 4:Incline DB Rear Delt Raise:[3x|10]
EXERCISE 5:Standing DB Press:[3x|12]

🔥Super-Set Next movement
EXERCISE 6:Face-Pull:[3x|12]
EXERCISE 7:Rope Shrugs:[3x|12]

🔥Super-Set Next movement
EXERCISE 8:Rope Pushdown:[3x|12]

⏰REST 60 sec rest after each super set!
45-60 min workout if you follow the rest time!

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