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Massive, wide shoulders make you stand to go into a crowd and for that, we present here best shoulder workout tips. They produce that a lot of wanted ‘V’ form that’s the epitome of the male muscular jock. And, they appear pretty spectacular in an exceeding t-shirt! obtaining them is that the arduous half.


In this article, we tend to gift you the best exercises to make full, rounded deltoids that look nice from each angle.

The Best Shoulder Workout:

Anterior Head-

The frontal head of the deltoids is additionally called the anterior head. it’s utilized in loads of various exercises, most notably the bench press. In fact, in an exceedingly heap of men, the front delts tend to require over, so the chest doesn’t get worked enough.

Strong front delts facilitate to make a robust foundation for shoulder strength and development.

Overhead exercising weight Press-

The overhead exercising weight press could be a compound exercise. it’s best exhausted either a squat rack whereas sitting on a bench or a smith machine. Bring the exercising weight to the front of the neck, absolutely stretching the weights because the weight comes down. Push all the far, absolutely squeeze the shoulders at the highest.

Be sure to stay your back straight and continuously stay in complete management of the load that you simply area unit lifting. you ought to be an attempt to carry as significant weight as doable, however continuously confine mind that the correct type is a lot more vital than weight.

Standing Lateral Raises-

Hold 2 dumbbells, one in every hand, at your sides, palms facing your sides. Your feet ought to be shoulder breadth apart along with your knees slightly bent. Tense your core when you are raising the weights to shoulder level no higher. whereas you’re lifting the weights dead set the aspect, faux that, rather than dumbbells, you have got pitchers of water in your hands which you’re planning to water some plants up at shoulder level.

Allow your elbows to bend and your forearms to move a little forward. As you reach the highest of the movement, rotate your shoulders forward so the front plates of the dumbbells area unit slightly below the rear plates – even as if you were gushing water. this may cause you to lift your elbows slightly. The rotation must return from your shoulders, not your wrists or arms.


The gushing motion positions the lateral deltoid to require the strength of the strain. If you don’t ‘pour’, the front deltoid helps out an excessive amount of, decreasing the effectiveness of the exercise.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press


For best shoulder workout Sit on a bench and grasp a combine of dumbbells with a closed, pronated grip. Your head ought to be up and your higher back and hips ought to be ironed against the rear pad of the seat. Move the dumbbells to position them at shoulder level along with your palms facing forward. The dumbbell handles ought to be in line with one another and parallel to the ground.

Push the dumbbells up till your elbows area unit absolutely extended. Keep your wrists straight and directly on top of your elbows. Make sure, too, that you simply maintain your erect position. don’t angle or start the bench as you press the dumbbells overhead.

Now lower the dumbbells back to the beginning position. Keep your wrists straight and directly on top of your elbows.

Lateral Head:

Crush Grip Shoulder Press Out-

A problem for several persons who are attempting to isolate the front delts is that the chest tends to require over. This best shoulder workout purposefully recruits the pec muscles in an exceedingly method that takes them out of the pressing action, which means that your front delts do all of the work.

Take one dumbbell (about the identical weight that you simply would press overhead for eight reps) and hold it at chest level with each hands fascinating the handle. Squeeze the handle as tight as you’ll be able to interact the chest muscles. currently, press dead set full arm extension. Reverse the motion, fighting gravity all the method.

You can create this exercise easier or harder looking on the angle at that you press. If you press straight out, you’ll be absolutely partaking the front delts. A lot of you angle the position of your press, however, the simpler the exercise becomes. you’ll be able to utilize this to require a collection on the far side failure. Do as several reps as you’ll be able to push straight out so angle up to forty-five degrees to squeeze out an additional four or five reps.

Bodyweight aspect Lateral Raise-

This is a bodyweight version of the weighted aspect lateral raise that permits you to position all of the stress on the center delts. Lie on the ground resting on your elbows along with your feet along and body out straight. currently, rotate your trunk to bring your right elbow up and dead set the aspect.

Your left elbow is fastened on the ground and you’re rotating your trunk. this can be an excellent finishing move for the rear delts. it’s conjointly a wonderful possibility for guys UN agency area unit coaching reception and has restricted access to dumbbells.

Dumbbell Butterfly Raise-


The Dumbbell butterfly raise could be a variation of the aspect lateral raise that takes the stress off the front delts and puts it on the lateral, or side, delts. begin within the same position as if doing an aspect lateral raise, however, this time, hold the dumbbells so your palms face up towards the ceiling (underhand position) before of your body.

Your arms ought to be slightly bent and barred therein position. currently, pivot from the enarthrosis to bring your arms up to the aspect. As you are doing, therefore, rotate your hands so your palms face forward within the prime position.


Posterior Delts:

Hip Huggers

Hip huggers is another best shoulder workout. Take a comparatively significant combine of dumbbells and stand with them at your sides, palms facing inwards. currently draw your elbows up and back as you rotate your hand position to face forward. you wish the dumbbells to travel up aboard your trunk regarding 10-12 inches as your elbows pull away on the far side your body. you ought to stop a touch on top of the amount of your navel.

This exercise can offer you a wonderful contraction directly within the rear delts and could be a move that permits you to travel significantly in striking this space. it’ll enable you to fortify your posterior delts, that is {an area unita|a neighborhood|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a part|a section} that the majority guys are lacking in.

Underhand Rear Delt Raise

Grab one dumbbell and stand with it in one hand and also the different hand leaning against a wall that’s a few feet before you. Hold the dumbbell at your aspect in an exceedingly palm forward position. currently pull your elbow up and back to bring the dumbbell to the amount of your ribcage. As you return up outwardly rotate the dumbbell to carry your palm toward the ceiling.

This extension of the arm back behind the trunk is that the key to activating the posterior delts. This exercise permits you to try to that a lot of effectively than the standard rear delt fly movement. The addition of the external rotation of the dumbbell can awaken the rear delt to require the main focus of the action.

Overhead Shoulder Press / Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 sets – twelve / ten / eight (increase weight every set)

You should alternate doing all your presses with an exercising weight and dumbbells from exertion to exertion. Doing, therefore, can enable you to travel significant on the exercising weight whereas conjointly benefitting from the enlisting of stabilizer muscles and rotation of the enarthrosis that’s doable once you use dumbbells.

  • Hip Huggers – three x twelve reps
  • Side Lateral Raise – a pair of sets of twelve reps
  • Crush Grip Shoulder Press Out – a pair of sets of ten reps
  • Dumbbell Butterfly Raise – a pair of sets of ten reps
  • Underhand Rear Delt Raise – a pair of sets of twelve reps
  • Swimmers – a pair of sets of twelve reps
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