One Way to Use a Leg Press | Press Machine

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Leg press technique in Press Machine – We workout quadriceps

The best exercise for muscle growth throughout the body are considered squats with a barbell. Unfortunately, this force element creates dangerous compression loads on the spine. Therefore, people with diseases of the back are deprived of the opportunity to squat with a lot of weight.

Leg Press Workout
Leg press technique in the simulator – we workout quadriceps


To help in this situation comes the Press Machine. To perform such presses, a special machine is used that has an adjustable back and a movable platform located at an angle of 45 °. Due to its design, the simulator almost completely removes the dangerous load from the back, thereby allowing you to safely perform heavy weight presses.

One of the main advantages of the Press Machine is a comprehensive grow of the hips. When performing the main load, quadriceps and, on the reverse side, hip biceps get. The buttocks and the muscle responsible for straightening the spine are also being further developed.

Leg Press Foot Placement
Leg Press Variation


Execution technique Press Machine

To exercise was as effective as possible, you should adhere to the correct technique. We will analyze it in detail:

  • We set the back angle to 45 °.
  • Sit down in the simulator and firmly press the lower back to the soft back.
  • Lean our feet against the moving platform and spread them to shoulder level.
  • Straighten the knees, raise the weight and remove the stops supporting the platform to the sides.
  • We take the handles, on the inhale bend the knees and down the weight. We strain the muscles of the legs and on exhale push up a press platform.
  • Having completed the required number of repetitions, we put the stops and gradually lower the platform onto them.
  1. In the upper phase, do not straighten the knee joints to the end. Otherwise, the risk of knee injury increases.
  2. In the lower phase, lower the platform as close to you as possible, but only until the lower back begins to tear away from the back bench.
  3. Lower the back of the head to the seat when performing. This will help keep the spine level.
  4. Do not bring your knees in and do not tear your heels off the platform when lifting.
  5. Otherwise, the risk of sprain of the knee ligaments increases. Hold the grip firmly.
  6. Otherwise, the body will shift to the sides and the effectiveness of the exercise will drop.
  7. Control all movements. Lower and raise the weight evenly.

Subject to the observance of safety equipment and rules, the exercise will bring only benefit.

Effect of different foot positions

Performing leg presses while sitting, you can accent to work out individual parts of the thigh.For this, different options for the position of the feet are used. Let’s Consider them in more detail:

  • Wide position (wider than shoulders). The load falls on the inner surface of the thigh.
  • Narrow position (already shoulders). The emphasis shifts to the outer surface of the quadriceps.
  • High position (closer to the top edge).This variation allows you to work out the buttocks and biceps of the thigh.
  • Low position (closer to the bottom edge).The main work is done by quadriceps.
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