The 9 Best Booty Isolation Workouts Strength and Shape

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The 9 Best Booty Isolation Workouts Strength and Shape

We’ve selected the 9 best booty isolation workouts. One of the modern ideals of female beauty is the rounded, taut shape of the booty, and today we will figure out how to pump up beautiful elastic buttocks.

The Best Booty Isolation Workouts
The Best Booty Isolation Workouts


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  1. 4 Types Shapes Buttocks in Women
  2. How to Executing Booty Isolation Workouts
  3. The 9 Best Booty Isolation Workouts

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4 Types Shapes Buttocks in Women

There are 4 main types of female buttocks. Let’s consider them and give advice on training.

1. V- Shape Booty

Women V-shape booty
Women V-shape booty

The shape is characterized by a developed upper part of the priests and a noticeable lack of volume at the bottom. Experts say that this form is typical for thin women with low levels of sex hormones. Suitable exercises for “V” booty are squats and lunges with weights.

2. Square Booty

Women Square Booty
Women Square shape Booty

The musculature of the upper and lower parts of the priests is evenly developed, but there is no “roundness” on the sides. This shape of the booty is absolutely classic. The most effective exercises for such buttocks will be side lunges, squats, side leg raises, and other booty isolation workouts.

3. Round booty

Women Round shape booty
Women Round shape booty


In women with this shape, the muscle fibers are evenly distributed, forming a beautiful rounded appearance of the buttocks from any angle. A round butt is an indicator of a woman’s good health. In this case, experts recommend lightweight exercises to maintain a beautiful booty (for example, squats without weight).

4. Booty Shape Inverted Heart

Women Booty Shape Inverted Heart
Women Booty Shape Inverted Heart

With this shape, the lower part of the buttocks is more voluminous than the upper one. Quite often, this is due to low estrogen levels. In youth, the butt-heart looks sexy but closer to the age of 30, the muscles may weaken, and “sagging” will appear. In this case, strength exercises for booty isolation workouts + cardio are suitable.

How to Executing Booty Isolation Workouts Correctly

  • Do a full-body warm-up before working on the glutes.
  • Combine base exercises and insulating loads.
  • Training volume: 3-4 sets for 15-20 reps in each exercise.
  • Train your gluteal muscles no more than 3 times a week.
  • Add two to three simple butt exercises to your morning routine.
  • Learn to “squeeze” the booty, not the leg muscles.
  • Change the training program completely every 2-3 months.
  • Do light cardio sessions (running, swimming) in between sessions.
  • As you exercise, mentally focus on your buttocks.

How Fast Can a Girl Pump up Booty?

  1. First, you need to learn how to do the exercises correctly. This means that you need to load exactly the buttocks, and not the quadriceps.
  2. Secondly, always stick to the right diet, remember, you can only build muscle if you consume the right proteins and carbohydrates.

Doing exercises to increase the booty with light loads requires a longer period before the first results appear. Usually, girls begin to notice changes after 2-3 months of hard training.

The 9 Best Booty Isolation Workouts

Let’s figure it out and execute the 9 best booty isolation workouts!

1. Cross Lunges

Women booty isolation workouts - Cross Lunges
Women Booty Cross Lunges


  • Place a small bar or body bar on your shoulders, or hold dumbbells in your hands.
  • Stand up straight, slightly arch your lower back.
  • Inhaling, take your left leg back and lower into a reverse lunge (with the left foot behind the line of the right).
  • As you exhale, rise up and repeat, starting on the other leg.

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Recommendations: When doing it, try to keep the pelvis level and not turn it, otherwise the beneficial tension from the buttocks will go to the quadriceps.

2. One-Legged Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge Booty Workout
Glute Bridge Booty Workout
  • Lower your back to the floor, place your feet closer to your buttocks.
  • Extend one leg vertically, lock it in this position.
  • As you exhale, squeeze your buttocks and lift your pelvis.
  • While inhaling, lower yourself, but keep your leg upright.


  • Having raised the pelvis to the highest point, linger for 1-2 seconds.
  • Rest your bent leg on the floor not with your whole foot, but only with your heel.

3. Single leg back swings on all fours

This is a very good booty isolation workouts that engage the entire gluteus muscle.

Single leg back swings - booty isolation workouts
Single leg back swings – booty isolation workouts
  • Fix the weight on your ankles or executing without weight and get down on all fours.
  • Take one leg back and keep it in weight.
  • As you exhale, squeeze your buttocks and swing your leg up.
  • Inhale – gently lower the leg, but do not put your knee on the floor.
  • Perform 20-25 reps per leg.

Recommendations: Try not to throw your leg, but perform an accented swing, in which the gluteus muscle is strained.

4. Side Walks with Resistance Bands

Side Walks -Booty Exercises
Side Walks with Resistance Bands


  • To do this, you need resistance bands.
  • Slip the bands around your ankles and place your feet wider than your shoulders.
  • Bend your knees slightly, keep your hands locked in front of your chest.
  • Perform short side steps in a half-squat (keeping the bands in tension).


  • Avoid rounding the spine.
  • Do not tilt the body too far forward.

5. Side-Kick on All Fours

Can also be attributed to the most isolating workout for the buttocks!

Side-Leg Kick - booty isolation workouts
Side-Leg Kick – booty isolation workouts
  • Fix weights to the ankles or perform with your own weight.
  • Get down on all fours.
  • Lift your right knee slightly off the floor.
  • With an exhalation, take your right thigh to the side (do not extend your knee).
  • While inhaling, gently lower it, but do not put it on the floor.


  • Raise your leg and hold for 1-2 seconds.
  • Try to bring your thigh to the horizontal.

6. Classic Lunges 

Lunges Workout
Lunges Workout


Although the exercise is simple enough to prevent knee and spine injury and muscle strain, it is worth stretching before doing lunges.

The following exercises are suitable for a warm-up and stretching:

  • Perform rotations of the head, shoulders, arms, knees, and hip joints;
  • Lean forward, backward, to the sides;
  • You can run a little in place, lifting your legs, jump rope, or on the spot.
  • First of all, it is important to learn how to perform the classic version of the exercise without additional weight.

Lunges: Execution Technique

  • In the initial position, the legs are placed together, the feet are parallel to each other.
  • When using dumbbells or barbells, hold them with the entire brush.
  • Performing lunges, the back must be kept straight, do not tilt the body.
  • The neck should be in line with the rest of the spine, looking forward.
  • In the first phase of the exercise, inhale, in the second phase, exhale.
  • From the starting position, one foot takes a slow step forward.
  • In the final phase, the forward leg is bent at the knee joint, forming an angle of 90 degrees, while the knee of the back leg should not touch the floor.
  • When standing up, do not move the knee inward.
  • The return to the starting position occurs only due to the force of the front leg: lifting due to the inertial force and swinging is unacceptable.
  • Take a wide step so that your knee does not go beyond the line of your toes. A short stride increases the load on the knee.
  • The exercise can be performed by changing legs each time. When performing lunges, the legs can be alternated, but remember that when only one leg is thrown forward, it is easier to maintain balance.

7. Glute bridge

The pelvic raises, known as the gluteal bridge, are functional movements that target the glute muscles. The back of the thigh, the extensors of the spine, and calf receive additional load here.

Glute bridge -booty isolation workouts
Glute bridge -Booty isolation workouts


Sitting lying on a fitness mat, legs spaced apart at the width of the pelvis are bent at the knees. The feet rest firmly on the floor. Here it is important to choose the optimal angle of flexion between the back of the thigh and the lower leg: it should not be too large or too sharp. Hands lie along the body.

  1. On an exhalation, with a powerful effort of the buttocks, the hips are brought up. The push is carried out with the heels, without lifting the feet from the floor.
  2. At the top, you need to linger for a couple of seconds, squeezing the buttocks as much as possible. The body is in a straight line from shoulders to knees.
  3. On the inhalation, they return in a controlled manner to the starting position, but do not completely sink to the floor: you can bring them to light touch of the body with the mat or even leave a few centimeters between them.
  4. Do 12-15 repetitions in 3-4 sets.

8. Smith Machine Squat

Squats are among the best basic glute development exercises, but the extent to which this zone is activated depends on the depth of the squat. Not every girl is technically capable of deep free weight squats. You can correct the situation by exercising in the Smith simulator.

Squat in Simulator
Smith Machine Squat

You can squat in this structure in different ways, but the most concentrated study of the buttocks is obtained in an exercise performed with the legs extended forward.

Having established the desired weights, they are located standing under the bar. Taking it off barbell the stoppers and placing it on the shoulders, take a big step forward. You need to fix this position. The feet are shoulder-width apart, the body remains level with a natural arch in the back, the gaze is directed forward. The back and abs are statically tense.

  1. On the inhalation, they slowly lower themselves into a deep squat (just below the parallel of the thigh to the floor), without moving the pelvis back.
  2. The back remains straight, the body moves strictly along the line of movement of the neck.
  3. Exhaling, with a powerful muscle effort, they return to their starting position.
  4. Do it 8-12 times in 3 sets.

9. Standing Side Leg Raises in Crossover

In this exercise, the gluteus medius and lesser muscles are targeted. It is performed in a crossover – a cable-block that is present in almost every gym.

Side Leg Raises
Side Leg Raises in Crossover

The work will use the lower block of the crossover. A cuff is attached to it with a carabiner. Standing sideways to the block device, place the supporting leg on a slight rise (approximately 5 cm high). The cuff is fixed on the ankle of the leg located further from the simulator: it will be working. A hand grasps the handle of the block device, giving the body a stable position. The back, abs, and buttocks are statically tense. In the initial position, the cable must be taut.

  1. Having taken a deep breath, while exhaling, with an isolated effort of the gluteal muscles, they move the leg to the side.
  2. At the top, they linger for 1-2 counts, additionally straining the target muscles.
  3. With a controlled movement on inhalation, they return to their original position without relaxing the muscles and without putting the working leg on the floor.
  4. After completing the required number of times, repeat everything with the other leg.
  5. Do 15-20 times for each leg in 3-4 sets.


Today we reviewed the 9 Best exercises for working out the buttocks for a girl, guys of course can also do these exercises, but we think that strength training with quadriceps is more suitable for guys, which also involves the gluteal muscles.

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