How to Do Glute & Hamstring Exercises, Benefits, Technique Guide

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How to Do Glute and Hamstring Exercises

Let’s take a look at the basic hamstring exercises that will help you to evenly pump your hamstrings, along with your glute.

Ho to Do Hamstring Exercises for mass
Ho to Do Hamstring Exercises for mass


First of all the Glutes or as it’s better to know the booty. There are actually 3 muscles in the glutes, one of which is not visible on the diagram.

  1. Maximus Gluteus (the most visible);
  2. Medius Gluteus (slightly higher and underneath Maximus);
  3. Gluteus Minimus (underneath the medius)

The glutes play a role in a huge amount of daily movements. Working together they move the thigh in different directions. They affect your ability to sit and stand, walk up the stairs and even walk up a hill. They are also pretty useful to sit on too!

Hamstrings & Glute Train Variations

The hamstrings are best worked through performing the following exercises:

  • Deadlifts;
  • Romanian deadlifts;
  • Glute-ham raise;
  • Hamstring curls

Know your anatomy and you will know how to set yourself up for better results. Give these exercises a go if they aren’t in your training routine already! But first, let’s take a look at the anatomy.

Anatomical of the Features

To properly perform hamstring exercises, you need to have a good understanding of biomechanics and the construction of the thigh muscles.

The Hamstrings allows you to flex and extend the leg at the hip joint and makes the knee joint mobile. The biceps consists of two heads.

The long “head” attached from the ischial tuberosity and is a flat tendon. At the same time, the short head stretches along the entire lower part of the rectus muscle.

Muscle Of the Hamstrings
Muscle Of the Hamstrings


Tips Hamstring Exercises

When training hamstring legs, there are some simple rules to follow to prevent sprains and injuries.

  1. Every athlete should remember that the hip is most stressed at the lowest points when performing various exercises like a deadlift or Romanian deadlift. Such training often leads to sprains and tears of the ligaments. Thus, it is important to the ligaments, and to stretch the muscles well before doing hamstring exercise.
  2. The second danger is the uneven development of the posterior and anterior muscles. In order to avoid this, the load must be evenly distributed. The most common mistake is squatting for a long time with the feet wide apart.
  3. There are also activities that have a positive effect on tendon development. Stretching is one of the most popular areas. It allows you to make the ligaments more flexible and avoid sprains and injuries.

It is important to remember that before starting a workout, you need to pay attention to dynamic stretching, and at the end of the session – static. During static stretching, the tendons are stretched for more than 20 seconds.

How to Do 3 Best Hamstring Exercises 

Let’s take a look at a brief description of all the hamstring exercises that will pump your legs.

1. Deadlift

Place your feet parallel to your shoulders. Take a barbell with your arms upright. Take a deep breath, then slowly start lifting the bar from the floor. At the moment when it is above knee level – straighten your back, bringing two shoulder blades together. As you move lower your pelvis, start lowering the weight. When the bar is below knee level, slowly squat down, lowering the bar down.

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2. Romanian Deadlift

To executing the Romanian Deadlift, you need to stay straight, while the feet should be spread slightly wider than the shoulder level. Bend your knees slightly. The slope is carried out on exhalation, while the back must be kept in an even state.

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3. Hamstring curls

Take a horizontal position, place the feet under the rollers. The body and shins should be firmly pressed against the bench. Bend your knees, holding them for 5 seconds at maximum tension.

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We’ve covered 3 of the best exercises that are used by both beginners and professional athletes. Use Hamstring exercises on a separate day from Leg workout for maximum pumping. Perform 3-4 sets for each exercise in which 10-12 repetitions if this is a workout with heavy weights, if you have a pumping day, then reduce the weight by 40-50% and perform 15-20 repetitions.

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