How to Do Romanian DeadLift, Tips, Benefits | Video & Guide

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How to Do Romanian DeadLift

Romanian deadlift – is one of the most effective exercises for developing the muscles of the back, back of the thigh and buttocks. 

How to Do Romanian Deadlifts
How to Romanian Deadlifts Training


Training with this exercise needs to be approached very carefully. After all, the key to safe training is the correct technique for performing the exercise. Today, we will talk about it, as well as about the main mistakes and features of this Romanian deadlift.

Benefits of Workout

Beginners confuse the Classic deadlift and Romanian deadlifts with a barbell. (Here in detail about all types of deadlifts with a bar).

At first glance, they are really similar but have a number of differences. The classic type of deadlift is done in the direction of movement from bottom to top on the legs bent at the knees. The pelvis drops low enough relative to the floor. At the next repetition, the bar actually touches the floor.

Unlike the classics, Romanian traction is carried out by moving from top to bottom exclusively on level legs, and the bar drops only to the middle of the lower leg.

Active and static action is on different muscle groups, depending on the type of Romanian deadlift chosen.

Deadlift with Dumbbells

It is carried out according to the same technique as the Romanian deadlift with a barbell. At the same time, it is considered a more traumatic and less effective exercise due to the uneven distribution of weight on the spine.

  • Romanian deadlift on straight legs. The only different feature of the Romanian deadlift is perfectly flat legs without the slightest bend in the knee joints during the exercise.
  • Romanian deadlift with a barbell. This is a polyarticular exercise. In this exercise workout the biceps femoris, extensors of the back, muscles of the lumbar and gluteal muscles participate to varying degrees.
how to do romanian deadlifts with dumbbell
How to do Romanian Deadlifts with Dumbbell

How to Do:


  1. Stand upright, dumbbells are in front of you in your hands, the weight can be selected for the beginning 10 kg to learn the technique.
  2. Begin to lean forward, arms work as a counterweight and lower with you.
  3. Keep your back straight, do not round to avoid injury.
  4. Feel the stretch in the back of your thigh.
  5. Hands should drop just below the knees.
  6. Do 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps

Basic Tips and Rules Romanian DeadLift

Before you begin to study the technique of performing the Romanian deadlift, you should study some rules. Their observance will allow you to conduct your workout safely and effectively

How to technique romanian deadlifts
How to technique Romanian deadlifts

How to Technique:

  • The barbell grip is take in the middle, at a distance slightly wider than the shoulders.
    When lowering the body down, the bar should go down along the legs. This provides the proper load on the muscles of the lower back. If the rule is not respected, the lower back will simply “rest” during the exercise.
  • The bar moves in the exercise along the leg is from top to bottom. Therefore, it will be more convenient and safer not to lift the barbell from the floor, for example, as in a classic draft, but to install it on a special rack for the barbell.

Load Muscle in the Romanian Deadlift:

Main Muscles:

  • Lumbar muscles
  • Back group of muscles of a thigh;
  • Trapezius muscles;
  • Thigh quadriceps, large buttocks.


Secondary muscles:
  • Anterior tibial;
  • Medium and small gluteal;
  • Deltoid;
  • Hips muscles.

An important feature of the Romanian deadlift is a large load on the lower back. Beginners are advised to first strengthen the muscles of the lower back with hyperextension. In addition, if there are injuries to the back, then it is wiser to completely abandon this exercise.

In the process of training, the largest muscle groups of the bodywork, and significant weights are used. This helps to generate tremendous amounts of energy, and also stimulates the endocrine system, and increases the release of growth hormone, testosterone, and other anabolic hormones into the blood.

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