Back Hyperextension | Guide & Photo

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Back Hyperextension

What muscles are used in the exercise: hyperextension

  • Hamstrings;
  • Semitendinous thigh muscles;
  • Large butt muscles;
  • Muscles of calves;
  • Also work all the spine
Back Hyperextension
Back Hyperextension


Back Hyperextension: this is a great exercise to help develop your lower back. A lot of people think that developing a strong core is just having good abs but don’t forget that your lower back is part of your core too and needs just as much attention

A step-by-step description of the classic technique

How to perform hyperextension for the back?

The classic version of the exercise is performed on a special simulator for hyperextension. It is a machine with platforms for fixing the body and feet. At the same time, not only the back muscles are pumped, but also the back of the thigh (thigh biceps) and buttocks.

How to deal with the simulator for hyperextension:

  1. Adjust the simulator so that the pelvis rests firmly on the pillow. The edge of the pillow should be in the place of bending of the body. Everything above the lower back is not on a support.
  2. The back surface of the legs – the Achilles tendon, and not the calves – press into the rollers.
  3. Cross your arms behind your head or chest. Straighten the body in an absolutely straight line. Looking straight ahead. Center of gravity on the heels.
  4. Lower the body down, bending only in the lower back.
  5. When reaching the angle of 90 °, return the housing back to its original position. When moving, do not allow jerking or overextending the back.
  6. Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds. Perform the required number of repetitions. On average, it is recommended to do 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.
  7. Classical hyperextension for the lower back can be done on a gymnastic horse. In this case, socks are fixed behind the crossbar of the Swedish wall or fixed by a partner.
  8. Starting position – lying on a gymnastic horse face down. The pelvis is on a projectile support. Legs – at or below head level. Hands are fixed crosswise on the chest or behind the head. The execution technique is the same as on a special simulator.

✅ This exercise will also help you a lot with posture if you slouch all the time.

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