One-handed dumbbell Row | Guide & Tips

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Dumbbell Row

One-handed dumbbell Row | Guide


A powerful, strong back with well-developed muscles is the dream of any athlete. This, of course, does not at all deny the pumping of all the other muscles, but it refutes the myth that the back is not the most important thing. In order to pump all the muscles of the back, you need to know the training technique.

The latissimus dorsi is one of the largest and most effective muscles of this group, and for their successful development one-arm dumbbell traction should be used.

One-handed dumbbell row: all muscles involved

One-handed dumbbell traction is a basic isolating exercise.

What muscles work at the same time:

  • The latissimus dorsi.
  • Trapezoid.
  • The rear deltas.
  • Forearms. Biceps

The main emphasis still falls on the latissimus dorsi. All others are involved in a secondary way.

The correct execution of the exercise creates a full and maximum load on the “back wings”. In order for their development to be uniform and symmetrical, you need to do a pumping as follows:


  1. To start training with the hand that is slightly less developed – for most athletes this is the left hand.
  2. On a stronger hand, do the same number of repetitions.

In addition, this technique allows you to make the development of both hands strong the same, which is also important.

How to perform the exercise

Two options for the correct implementation. Here they are:

  1. When pumping, say, the left hand, the right knee must be put on the bench. The right hand rests on the bench and is slightly bent at the elbow. The body is parallel to the floor, while the dumbbell lies on the floor on the left hand. The left leg is almost straight and set back, slightly to the side.
  2. The right hand rests on the bench, and the right leg remains on the floor and bent at the knee. The position of the body is the same as in the previous embodiment of the exercise.

The technique of One-handed dumbbell Row to the belt

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It is unnecessary to talk about the correctness of the technique for performing one or another exercise – without this, the desired effect cannot be achieved.  Technique of execution (second option):


  1. Dumbbell in the right hand. The palm looks at the outside of the thigh. You need to stand to the left of the bench. Legs together. The palm of his left hand rested on a bench.
  2. The bodybuilder’s body is parallel to the floor, and the back is slightly bent.
  3. A straight right hand holds a dumbbell. The right shoulder is slightly lowered.
  4. Further, a deep breath, breath holding. All muscles of the back and back delta are tense.
  5. Dumbbell stretches up as high as possible.
  6. When the elbow is aligned with the shoulder, it should be connected to this movement – the thrust occurs in tandem. So the muscles of the middle back and upper segment of the latissimus are as tense as possible.
  7. You need to try to fix the dumbbell in the upper position of the exercise for a couple of seconds.
  8. Then follows the exhalation and smooth lowering of the dumbbell.

The principle is clear and the same for both versions. The main thing is the position of the case and the correctness of the movement.

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