Stretching the muscles of the legs | Guide & Tips

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Stretching the muscles of the legs

Legs Workout for Stretching


In our past articles, we examined the benefits of muscle stretching, and also examined the best stretching exercises for stretching individual leg muscles. Today we will try to combine all the information presented earlier in a single article.

Why is it necessary to stretch?

Stretching muscles, and in particular, the muscles of the legs is very useful and carries a number of positive effects:

  • Increased flexibility in the joints – stretching does not allow muscles to shorten under the influence of a load.
  • Acceleration of recovery – the performance of stretching exercises after training contributes to faster muscle recovery (15-25%).
  1. Increased muscle strength – stretching helps to increase the contractility of muscles, which directly affects their strength potential.
  2. Acceleration of muscle growth – stretching the working muscle is one of the factors of its growth.
  3. Muscle relaxation – performing stretching exercises on the muscle contributes to its relaxation and relaxation.

How to stretch leg muscles?


Exercises for stretching the muscles of the legs involve performing stretching exercises on individual parts of the legs, namely, quadriceps, biceps of the thighs and calf muscles.

Universal stretching exercises for these muscle groups, as well as video on their implementation can be found in the relevant articles:


The optimal time for stretching is the period after the end of the leg workout. Do not use stretching exercises as warm-up movements, as this will lead to a decrease in muscle strength and the training will be less intense.

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