How to Build Bigger Quads | Guide & Tips

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Build Bigger Quads

There is a hard day of legs in the simulator! If you are ready to challenge, this leg workout for hips and calves will help rock your legs. Do not be afraid. Just give it a try!

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1. Start regular squats with your own weight.

Squats are an indisputable exercise to start a day of legs. Why? Let’s take the benefits. Squats maximize the load on the leg muscles, you can perform them with a lot of weight, they use the entire lower body (and more than half the upper body), and studies show that they increase the release of muscle growth hormone better than any other movement.

Squats are actually a group of exercises that include hip and knee movements. There are many variations, all of which have their value. Some differ in the placement of the barbell, others according to the type of equipment used, and others according to their legs.

Execution technique

Do several warm-up sets, each time increasing the weight, but never do it all the way during the warm-up. Most approaches require a range of 8 to 12 repetitions – this is the best range of repetitions for muscle gain. Choose a weight where you can do 8 repetitions, then increase the weight to already do 6 repetitions. This will provide a greater incentive for muscle growth.

2. Do another squat, this is front squats

Legs Workout Guide


Front squat is the main in the arsenal leg program.

A simple change in the position of the bar from the head to the front position changes the load distribution on the lower muscles. This loads the quadriceps more than the buttocks and lower leg, which means you need to reduce the weight on the bar. Front squats will require you to maintain a balance that can be safer for your back, as well as allow you to squat deeper

Execution technique

For frontal squats, consider the lighter weight you can do for sets of 10-12 reps. You will work a little with other muscle fibers, and at the same time give them a stimulus for growth.

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