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Errors of training the back muscles, and their solution

Back Exercises


The back is the largest and strongest muscle in our body, and the better it is pumped, the more confident you can go forward. However, not everyone likes to perform pulls on the back, so instead of the widest ones they pump the chest, the press and of course the biceps. But if you want to look like a real man, and not like a beach boy, you will have to pay special attention to back training. About how to pump up your back in the gym, and most importantly, how to do it quickly, and will be discussed in my story.

Best back exercises:

DO NOT ROLL BACK. The back in all exercises without exception should be either straight or in a slightly curved position (pelvis forward, shoulders back). Rounding the back while performing heavy basic exercises leads to spinal injuries of varying severity.

DO NOT USE CHITING. In any case, in the basic exercises, because when chiting in the pull of the bar to the belt, the load goes to the muscles of the lower back. At the same time, the latissimus dorsi muscles are underloaded, and the risk of getting a lower back injury increases significantly. If you can’t training without cheating, use it in back exercises in free-balance machines or on simulators


KEEP THE HEAD ON ONE LINE WITH BODY. Performing exercises on the back in an inclination, you can not lift his head. When the neck is pulled up (to look in the mirror, for example), the position of the cervical vertebrae is disturbed, and when lowering, an involuntary rounding of the back occurs. The danger of getting neck injuries is that they are very difficult to identify, since they cause a malfunction of completely different muscle departments (arms, shoulders and even the pelvis).

Exercise pullover

But tilting the bench down turns the pullover from a futile chest exercise into a really great back stretch exercise. Another advantage of the pullover upside down is that, in addition to the broadest muscles of the back, the dentate muscles are also included in the work.

Exercises for the lower back at the beginning of a back workout

training the latissimus dorsi muscles


The first exercise of the back-to-weight training complex allows you to use the body’s resources in full, reducing them with each approach. The main exercise for the back is the good old pull-ups on the horizontal bar, then you need to start training the back with them. This is logical and reasonable in terms of the resources used by the body.

But you can start back training with exercises of the muscles of the lower back (deadlift, tilt with a barbell, hyperextension with weight), but only if strength indicators are more important for you than muscle mass. These are also exercises for the back, but they affect very small muscle areas: extensor muscles, lower back muscles, thigh biceps and gluteal muscles.

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