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🔥 Booty Workout

🚨 To create beautiful, sexy buttocks do not take much time – provided that you follow a diet and do the right exercises. To the gluteal muscles were elastic, the training program should consist of power and aerobic exercises. ✅ Strength exercises provide tone and relief. Cardio-drainage helps to burn excess calories and reduce the fatty layer. To avoid the “flat priests” syndrome, you need to add a little volume to this part of the body – only at the expense of dry muscle mass, not fat.

Exercise 1: Training the Buttocks

Number of approaches: 3-4.
Number of repetitions: 8-12.

Training the Buttocks

Squats are a unique exercise to improve the shape of the gluteal muscles, as well as to strengthen the quadriceps and biceps hips. Squat should be as deep as stretch allows. The lower you squat, the better (but not to the pain in your knees).

Exercise 2: Lunges

Number of approaches: 2-3.
Number of repetitions: 12-15.


The effects affect the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the muscles of the lower back and the buttocks. This formative exercise will provide a shake in the lower body for a few days! To maximize the load on the buttocks, take a step forward a little further. The greater the distance between the stops, the better the gluteal muscles are loaded and the less the quadriceps are used.


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