Calf Raise Variations: Types, Benefits & Guide Exercises

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The Best Pumping Calf Raise Variations

Today we will consider the calf raise variations. Many athletes do not pay attention to pumping calf muscles and rarely add exercises such as сalf raise. But soon the beginning of the beach season, this is exactly the muscle that will attract the views of those around you because the calves will be visible when will you wear shorts.

How to Do Calf Raise
Calf Raise Variation



  1. What is Calf muscle
  2. Getting started
  3. Tips and Variations, stretching the Calf
  4. How to pump calf muscle
  5. The split of calves muscle
  6. Calf Raise Variations Exercise

5. Recommendations


What is Calf muscle 

The calf muscle is the biceps muscle on the back surface of the human lower leg. It is located above the soleus muscle and it is attached to the heel by means of the Achilles tendon.

Getting started
Check out that you workout in full amplitude and the weight must be correctly selected by your level of training, and use this for calf workout routine:
  1. Perform Lift calves muscle using, seated stretching, or standing calf raise.
  2. Pushing using the smith machine, dumbbell seated one leg, or barbell standing leg calf raise.
  3. Press using the sled one leg calf press or donkey calf press.

If you are new to training, consult with your trainer to make sure that you are following the correct training program. Use safe weights to avoid personal injury.


Calves’ muscle is very difficult in pumping. The calves muscle is quite resilient sense undergoing constant stress when walking, we will have to train them hard.

What the calf muscle area, what function calf, and let’s see the 5 best calves exercise that will help you pump up the big calf muscles.

When walking and running, such muscles are involved in the work very actively. The reasons for which the calf muscle does not pump so as you would like could be as follows:

  • Too intense training, aimed at working on this muscle group;
  • Very Hight load on muscle calf;
  • Incorrect training program;

Tips and Variations, stretching the Calf muscles

Scientific studies have shown that stretching prior to muscle contraction accelerates muscle growth. However, not all exercises allow you to stretch the working muscle at the start. For example, this is not possible when performing a bench press. Rises on socks allow preliminary stretching of calves. Another thing is that you need to stretch both muscles included in this muscle group. The calves are most often stretched, performing exercises in a standing position. Thus, only the calf muscles receive stretching.

Carefully stretch the calf in a sitting position. In this case, soleus muscles receive a powerful stimulus for growth. You must admit that this technique is even more important when sitting, because soleus muscles account for up to 75% of the total calf volume.

1. How to pump calves muscle

Exercise complex

Always train the calves muscle first in the legs day.

[su_box title=”Calf Exercises” style=”noise”]

Exercises Sets Reps
1. Standing Raise 5 12-15
2. Seated Raise 5 15-20
3. Seated in Machine  4 12-15
4. One Leg Raise 3 10-15
5. Platform Press  4 20-25
6. Calf Jump Rope 3 25-40


See article: How to Train Your Legs

You can also pump your lower leg with training split


2. The split of calves muscle

In this scheduled program, calves should be pumped at the end of the whole leg exercises. If the calves begin to train in the split first, then tired calves will not provide the necessary stabilization to the body when doing squats. The Сalves muscle preferably pump on the day of the legs
Highlight a separate training day the lower leg will be ineffective. Use explosive leg training techniques twice a week.

  • The first day we train: Legs, Calf
  • Second day: Chest and latissimus dorsi
  • Third day: Training all bundles of deltas and arms
  • Fourth day: Calf, Legs
  • Fifth day: forearm and back again
  • 6-7 day: Rest

3. Calf Raise Variations Exercise

Standing Calf Raise

Muscular Target: Calf

how to stand calf raise
how to do stand calf raise

Begin: Set the correct weight on the simulator. Stand under the rollers, rest your shoulders in them. First lower your heels to the floor as low as possible, until you feel stretching the calf muscle.

Realization:  Start raise of the calf muscles due to the toes, in the upper position, feel the maximum reduction of the calf. At the top point, pause for 1 second. Start lower yourself to the bottom trying to stretch the shin as much as possible, lowering the heels below the platform for the legs.



Notes: Be sure to pause at the top of the amplitude.


Press Machine Calf Raise

Muscular Target: soleus, calf

Begin: Take a sitting position in the simulator. Put your feet so that your toes are at the border of the platform and your heels hang down.

Calf raise in press machine
How to Calf raise – press machine

Realization: Lying in the leg press simulator. Place your feet so that your toes are on the edge of the platform. Remove Lock of platform stoppers. Push the platform with your feet so that they are straight and hold the weight on the entire foot. Start push up the platform with only your toes so that you feel the shin shrink. At the peak of the rise, linger for 1-2 seconds. and lower the weight to the starting position. Do the needed number of repetitions


Notes: Try as much as possible shorten the soleus muscles before each repetition. Before doing exercises need to very good stretch the calf for accelerates muscle growth.


Seated calf raise

Muscular Target: soleus, calf

Begin: Take your begin position in the toes press simulator. Place your toes on the bottom edge of the moving platform. Release the side stoppers and lift the lift platform on straight legs. Next, bend your knees at 90 grade and keep the platform on weight. This is the starting position.

How to Seated Calf Raise
Seated Calf Raise

Realization: Pay attention to your knees, they should be slightly bent, hold it in this position from during the exercise. The Raise support platform via your feet and reduce the calf as much as possible, at the top point make a delay of 1 second. Return the weight-platform to its starting position. Perform the desired number of repetitions 12 to 20.


Note: Pay attention to exercise safety. Set the lock lever to the right height just below the limit of movement.


Calf Jump Rope

Muscular Target: Calf

How to calf rope jump

Begin: This exercise works out well on the calf muscles. Perform jumping rope in comfortable shoes and on a hard surface to avoid unnecessary shock load on the knee joint.

Realization: Take the Jump Rope in your hands, put the rope under your feet, with the brush movements begin to unwind while jump over the rope, you need to do this in time with the speed that you set by rotating your hands. Try to jumping on your toes, thus you maximize load your calf muscle.


Note: We already wrote that the calf muscles tolerate the loads well enough, so you must do 2 workouts a week and performing more than 1-2 exercises. Do exercises smoothly and concentratedly. Perform volumetric approaches in which the number of repetitions will be more than 15.



Use the following precautions to avoid the occurrence of an accident. Hold pause in the top maximum reduce calf position.

When performing these exercises, as with execution with a barbell, you should select the right weight so you can be doing a maximum of 3-4 sets, where be 15-20 reps

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