How to Do Hamstring Curl, Benefits, Technique Guide

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How to Do Hamstring Curl

Let’s take a look at the best Hamstring Curl to target your biceps thigh.

How to Do Hamstring curl
Hamstring curl Workout


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Features Workout

The hamstrings, along with the quadriceps, are one of the big muscles in the person lower body. It is impossible to imagine real massive legs without a growing hamstring.

However, athletes often face the same problem when training this muscle. The thing is that the classic form of squats, with an average stance of the legs, does not give everyone the opportunity to give the load on the hamstrings necessary for hypertension.

Benefits of Exercises

When doing exercises for the hamstring, other muscles are also involved: the buttocks, quadriceps.

Therefore, it makes sense to train for the hamstrings of the hip on the basis of basic exercises, supplementing it with isolating exercises for the hamstring muscle for example:

  • Hamstring Curl

This Exercise will ensure uniform development of the hips without shifting the emphasis to their individual parts.

Ideally, correct and effective hamstring training is strength training, so choosing the appropriate biceps training program at home is problematic.

You can perform multi-repetitive lunges and squats without weights, but they will not give the desired effect, i.e. The biceps hip of the hip is not being worked out enough. It is impossible to perform isolation exercises without special simulators, and even without training with dumbbells and a barbell, you cannot achieve the expected effect.

How to Do Hamstring Curl

Find the curl machine. The hamstring curl machine will have stacked weights on one side, a flat bench for your body, and a padded cylinder for you to move with your legs.

hamstring curl machine
hamstring curl machine


The biceps of the thigh is involved in the rotation and flexion of the lower leg, as well as in the extension of the thigh and together with the gluteus maximus muscle of the body.

The biceps femoris consists of two heads – long and short.

Technique Guide:

Starting position

  • Much depends on the height of the athlete and the length of the simulator bench, as well as the position of the retainer pad. It must be installed so that you can start with “soft”, slightly bent knees, and so that the athlete can bring the heels to the buttocks without any problems;
  • The retainer pillow should not roll onto the heel itself during movement, but be on the bend, in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon;
  • Weight is set depending on the experience and strength of the athlete, you do not need to set too much weight, this is not a movement to develop strength;
  • To take the starting position, you need to lie face down on the bench and rest your feet on the pillow of the simulator
How to Do Hamstring Curl Workout
How to Do Hamstring Curl Workout



  • It is enough to bend the knees so that the heels begin to move towards the buttocks, and bend the knees;
  • The movement continues exactly until the heels rest against the buttocks, or as long as the volume of the hips and legs allows;
  • In the peak part of the amplitude, the thigh biceps are slightly strained, and then the thigh is extended and the legs are lowered;
  • The number of repetitions of the movement from 10 to 20 or more, if necessary according to the training plan of the athlete.

If it is too easy or too hard, you can stop and adjust the weight using the stacked weights.

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Tips of the exercise

  • Watch your body position on the bench. It is most convenient to bend your legs if the hip joint is at the top of the simulator;
  • Do not push the soft rollers with your heels, and do not move on the bench the body position must be fixed;
  • Do not use very heavy weights, and do not overload yourself with isolation exercises in principle;
  • If you use drop sets, make sure that when there is already little strength left, the technique does not change, and your knees do not rest on the bench;
  • Do not use back force to help curl weights, avoid over-engaging the buttocks, this is not an exercise for them, concentrate only on the hamstrings curl.

Variants of Exercises

  1. Hamstring curl one leg: This variation is needed purely for a diversity if, for example, the athlete gets tired of performing the same program all the time, and he needs something to make his life more interesting. A one-leg curl is not very effective, although it can help with injuries when you need to “load” one leg;
  2. Standing hamstring curl:  It can be performed in a special simulator. It is believed that this way the hamstrings are reduced more
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