How to Drop Set & Pyramid Sets

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How to Drop Set & Pyramid Sets

Pyramid sets and drop set are two of the most common styles of training. We’ve all used them or still use them.

How to How to Drop Set & Pyramid Sets
How to Do Drop Set & Pyramid Sets


What is Drop Set

Drop-set are sets when an athlete drop weight during an exercise. You start a set with a certain weight – whether it’s free weight or weights in the simulator, bring the set to the point where it is already very difficult to carry out the movement using strict techniques, reduce of the weights by an average of 25% and again, do the exercise to failure.
The classic version of the drop-set implies a minimum interval between mini-sets, ideally – pauses are minimal, the weight changes in 2-3 seconds.

However, in practice, the time taken to reduce weight may take longer, and there is no significant problem – such options, where the interval reaches 15-20 seconds, are also quite acceptable and effective. This is a “classic” drop set.

Types of Drop Set:

  • Triple drop sets
  • Four drop sets
  • Progressive Drop Sets
  • Reverse Drop Sets
  • Drop Supersets

Drop the weight by 20 – 25% by the above method twice per approach, you will receive a triple drop set. Finally, you can do exactly the same operation again, and get already a quadruple drop set.

How to executing drop set
Drop set


Reverse drop set

This method is quite similar to the triple drop set, when the weight of the load during one approach is dropped twice. Only with accuracy and vice versa: here the weight from set to set does not decrease, but increases. In practice, it looks as follows: a set is performed with a fairly light weight in the number of repetitions from 20 to 30, a pause of 10 seconds is taken, a set of the same exercise is performed with a much heavier weight in the number of repetitions from 6 to 8, again – a pause of 10 seconds, and another set of the same exercise, but with a significant weight in the number of repetitions from 1 to 3.

Reverse triple drop sets can be done for any muscle group, although they are most effective for calf muscles. Such sets for the muscles of the back and chest turn out to be slightly less effective.

Drop Sets How to:

Drop set number 1.

If the mini set has about 4-8 reps, this exercise is ideal for increasing strength and muscle mass.
The whole approach is carried out with large weights and, accordingly, the result of such sets will be an increase in strength and muscle mass.
With such a training, you can perform approaches to maximum possible and also we’r have a mini-sets (when you have the strength to do a few more repetitions, but we don’t do them).
There should not be many approaches with maximum possible execiting (two approaches from two mini-sets can be considered sufficient for training a muscle group).
Pauses between mini-sets in this case are permissible (no more than 15-20 seconds).

Execution technique

Perform the classic a bench press. Executing press from 90kg to 8 reps this will be your limit with that weight. Further, the weight is reduced to 80 kg and 2-4 more repetitions are done (and again this will be a maximum). You can add another 2-3 reps with a weight of 70 kg. In the second and third sets, fewer repetitions are done than in the first, and the drop weight is small.

Drop set number 2.

Suitable for muscle growth due to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, in addition, it develops muscle endurance. Again, in this case, you can work to failure or not, with small pauses or without pauses. In such exercises, it will not be possible to increase the growth of strength, but it is possible to gain mass with the right technique and proper nutrition.

Execution technique

We take the same 90kg by 8 times, and then reduce the weight to 60-70kg and do another 8 times. You can still drop weight and do again about 8 repetitions. In this case, the weight is selected so that the number of repetitions in mini-sets is approximately the same. Weight reduction is inevitably more significant than in example No. 1.

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