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The Right Way to Lose Weight & Guides


Right Way to Lose Weight

When people think of ‘losing weight’ or ‘dieting’ they think cutting out pretty much everything, eating only salad and ramping up cardio to 10 sessions a week.

The Right Way to Lose Weight & Guides

That’s pretty much the opposite of what a successful diet – fatloss plan looks like.
Do you need to be in a caloric deficit? Yes.
You need to drastically decrease calories? Absolutely not.

When you go on a ‘diet’ meaning in a caloric deficit, metabolic down regulation is inevitable. Decreasing calories too much, too soon will slow down your metabolism leaving you no where to go except more cardio.
Not a good place to be. You may lose a bit of weight initially but you’ll soon plateau with a very slow metabolism. The moment you start eating normally again you’ll gain it all back and some. This can be easily avoided.

👉Slowly decrease calories, stay consistent and use cardio as a tool to get you over your fat loss plateaus along the way.
Slow and steady wins the race.

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