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How to Sports diet & Guides

Sports diet Eating an athlete for weight loss plays a role no less than the quality of training. So, the daily menu of the athlete...

The Right Way to Lose Weight & Guides

Right Way to Lose Weight When people think of 'losing weight' or 'dieting' they think cutting out pretty much everything, eating only salad and ramping...

Chicken breast with spaghetti

Chicken breast with spaghetti Spaghetti (from durum wheat) boil without adding salt. Cut a small zucchini into thin circles (do not peel off the...

Shrimp with vegetables

Shrimp with vegetables What will be required: 0.5 kg. frozen unpurified shrimp 200-250 gr. broccoli (1/2 pack frozen) 1 large sweet red pepper ginger garlic ...

Сooke sport breakfast eggs with avocado & berries

This is one of my favorite breakfast options, because scrambled eggs with berries and avocado are easy, fast and very tasty.  Eggs with berries and avocado Products: Eggs...

Brown Bread | Benefit and harm

Ingredients of black bread Product benefits are determined by the following components: Complex high-molecular carbohydrates. They perfectly satisfy hunger, but unlike simple sugars (glucose, fructose, which...

Drying the body for men: exercise and nutrition

How to Drying the body for men: exercise and nutrition Both beginners and experienced bodybuilders, along with muscle mass gain fat. This process is inevitable,...

Healthy & Balalced Vegan Diet

How to Create a Healthy & Balalced Vegan Diet ✅ Read Below ⤵ Being healthy as a vegan and getting all the macro - and...

Food Diary

Make sure you save it for later!  Breakfast - Egg white veggie scramble  (1 cup egg whites + bell peppers) with multi grain toast &...

Beautiful Abdominal with the Right Diet

Proper nutrition for the abdominal - 7 tips!   High-intensity and cardio workouts, regular execution of the plank, twists, sit-ups do not allow you to see...

Before & After

Adele Weight Loss Story, Proof in Photo, Singer’s Transformation

Adele Weight Loss Story, Photo Singer’s Transformation  The popularity of the singer Adele is increasing every day, and when Adele weight loss, it caused even...