Healthy & Balalced Vegan Diet

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How to Create a Healthy & Balalced Vegan Diet ✅

Healthy & Balalced Vegan Diet



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Being healthy as a vegan and getting all the macro – and micronutrients in (i.e. eating healthy and balanced) isn’t difficult, let alone impossible. And eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat “clean” 100% of the time.

Studies have shown that you’re getting all the beneficial effects of a healthy diet even if you’re “only” eating 80% “clean” foods and 20% “unclean” foods.  So focus on Unprocessed (“clean”) plant Foods (like fruit, veggies, potatoes, whole grains, legumes) and then you’re always free to add some processed vegan products (e.g. Plant Milks, Tofu, Clifbars, Vegan Mayo, Oreos).

Testosteron Vegetables
Testosteron Vegetables



Of course you don’t have to include this processed vegan foods in your diet if you don’t want to. But for me and also for many of my clients is so much easier if we are able to enjoy also chocolate, fries, vegan burgers, ice cream etc.
Because health doesn’t only mean physical health, it’s about your mental health as well!

And if you’re always restricting yourself, saying “Oh no, I mustn’t Eat this piece of cake! It’s unhealthy and I’ll get fat!”, it will stress you and you’ll develop an unhealthy relationship with food.
So my advice would be to include all this yummy vegan processed foods in your diet, thus creating a healthy, balanced diet and having a healthy relationship with food.

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