Drying the body for men: exercise and nutrition

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How to Drying the body for men: exercise and nutrition

Drying the body for men: exercise and nutrition
Drying the body for men: exercise and nutrition



Both beginners and experienced bodybuilders, along with muscle mass gain fat. This process is inevitable, since the muscles can not grow without the formation of a fatty layer, which is due to anabolism of the human body. The presence of excess fat does not allow the musculature to find the coveted relief, and, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it. This goal allows to achieve drying.

Drying the body for men is a special process, as a result of which the concentration of glycogen, accumulated by the muscles, decreases, and the lipids begin to split. As a storage for carbohydrates, glycogen becomes the starting point for recruitment and fat loss. If it decreases, carbohydrates also leave, and the muscle mass becomes clean and dry.

How to make the drying of the body not only effective, but also safe?

How to make the drying of the body not only effective



The term “drying” is applied to a complex process based on a special menu and a set of special exercises, the main task of which is to develop the musculature relief.

Special diet does not imply that one should adhere to a ketone diet, that is, a diet completely devoid of carbohydrates. This diet is dangerous for the body. Against the background of carbohydrate starvation and lack of glucose, glycogen is first consumed, and then fat is consumed. This, of course, allows you to achieve the desired effect, but not without consequences.

Burning nutrient complex substances is slow, and the process is accompanied by the formation of ketone bodies, which are residual formations that, due to glucose deficiency, do not have time to split. This leads to the fact that the blood becomes acidic, and the body gets poisoned.

Ketone bodies can provoke the development of ketoacidosis and ketosis. Symptoms of these ailments include: a feeling of weakness and drowsiness, increased dryness of the skin on the lips, a tangible smell of acetone. If the poisoning is severe, a person may fall into a diabetic coma.

Avoid these adverse effects allows a gradual decrease in the amount of carbohydrates consumed, which in no case can not be removed from the diet completely. And in order to follow this rule, it is necessary to maintain a re-usable diet, but to reduce the amount of food eaten.

At least four or six times a day. Portions are made small. The menu includes products that allow you to maintain the protein at the required level.


The program of exercises on drying the body for men: the technique and technique of implementation.

The program of exercises on drying the body for men


Accumulated surpluses of the fat layer go only when the athlete is engaged in the principle of circular training. It is that the exercises are done one after another. The optimal number of cycles is from 3 to 4, and the number of repetitions in one exercise should be 15-20. The main thing is to take 20% less weight than in the usual training aimed at recruiting muscles.

No exhausting and frequent training in the gym should not be. It is impossible to allow the traning to bring fatigue. If the state of health becomes bad, it is necessary to stop the training and take a break. To fully recover, you should rest for a few days, and only then continue to exercise.

Workout on legs.

To the legs were embossed and inflated, it is necessary:

  • flexion and extension of the legs while sitting or standing;
  • press your feet;
  • squats with burdening;
  • attacks;
  • lifting calf muscles sitting.

Exercise on the back, chest, arms, press.


Assumes the execution of:

  • rowing (rope) traction;
  • thrust down;
  • reverse twisting;
  • press in slope;
  • lifting dumbbells sitting in a slope;
  • press the dumbbells from the shoulders;
  • lifting dumbbells;
  • press a narrow grip;
  • simulator on the press;
  • rod rod to chin.

Along with these exercises, it is recommended to perform cardio. It positively affects male health, improves the quality of oxygen metabolism in the body. The best cardio for the drying period is considered swimming and cycling.

The duration of the training should vary between 30 and 50 minutes. Engage in 3 to 5 times weekly.

General recommendations for proper and safe drying.

General recommendations for proper and safe drying.



To get rid of superfluous fat deposition passed as much as possible effectively and without any negative consequences for health, it should be:

  • Be sure to have breakfast. The skipping of this important meal interferes with metabolic processes.
  • Do not give up completely of fats. Otherwise, the skin will become bad, and the hair will begin to fall. You need to eat pork and lamb, butter, chicken yolks, lard, milk, cocoa powder, mayonnaise and cheese, rich in saturated fats. In sea fish, hazelnuts, cedar and walnuts are many useful fats. They are also recommended for drying.
  • Exclude harmful snacks and snacks. No pickles and canned products, crackers, ketchup, chips, flour products and sweets.
  • Forget about night snacks. To satisfy the feeling of hunger, which does not allow to fall asleep, will help an apple or a glass of yogurt. It is even better to drink a portion of a protein cocktail cooked on the water.
  • There are often, but few. Breaks between the individual methods should be about 3 hours, and the portions themselves remain small.
  • No bad habits. And alcoholic beverages, and smoking under strict prohibition.
  • Drink enough water. In a day you need to drink from two to three liters of drinking ordinary water.
  • Eat useful carbohydrates with fiber. Such products are cereals, vegetables and fruit crops.
  • Move more. Activity during the day allows you to burn more calories.
  • To do cardio. The optimal duration is 10-15 minutes before and after the main training. If possible, at this time it is better to take the BCAA complex.
  • To drink a mineral-vitamin complex. The lack of micro- and macroelements leads to the destruction of muscle fibers.
  • Control the consumption of sugars. The lack of progress on drying means that sugar needs to be reduced even more.

The concentration of glucose in the body should remain stable. Its level during the drying period necessarily requires constant monitoring.


Drying food for men.

Drying food for men.
Drying food for men.


Reducing glycogen inextricably leads to a decrease in energy, which requires recovery. Otherwise, there will not be any forces for training. To replenish energy reserves, reduce the pause between meals. The amount of carbohydrates in this case is calculated only individually. The indicator is calculated exclusively according to the achieved goal, which amounts to how much weight you need to lose in order to acquire beautiful relief muscles.

The main thing is to continue to eat carbohydrates. They should be at least 40-45% of the caloric content of the daily diet. Preference should be given to unsweetened fruits, cereals, vegetables, nuts. The amount of protein required on drying is 1.1-1.5 or 2-3 g per 1 kg of own weight. The more protein intake, the better the muscle fibers remain.

The protein should be consumed solely from non-fatty foods. Optimum is considered to receive from 60 to 70% of food and from 30 to 40% of sports specialized food. This will lose a much larger fat mass.

Weight gain, which some athletes feel on drying, is formed as a result of consumption of large volumes of liquid. This surplus disappears literally for 1 or 2 days. The day before the competition or other important event, you need to minimize the amount of liquid drunk to get a deep and pronounced relief.

The amount of even useful food should not go beyond the reasonable, and the main emphasis is on the following dishes:

  • steamed, stewed, boiled turkey and chicken without skin;
  • protein of chicken eggs;
  • boiled squid (fillet);
  • stewed and steamed fish of low-fat varieties;
  • low-fat (maximum 3%) cottage cheese, used the first 14 days of drying, and kefir;
  • buckwheat and oat porridge, cooked on the water;
  • rye pasta;
  • apples green, grapefruits, broccoli, leaf salad, zucchini and greens;
  • herbal (chamomile and ginger) and green tea, which they drink if dried in the summer.


The main success of drying is not based on training, but on nutrition, that is, the amount of calories consumed. To monitor caloric content, you should keep a daily record of everything that is eaten and weigh. Constant monitoring and compliance with all recommendations for drying allows you to find a beautiful and embossed body.

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