TRX Home Gym: Best Exercises, Benefits, Training Program

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TRX Home Gym Routine

TRX loops are also called TRX home gym because you can use it not only in the gym but also for training at home, outdoors, or in any other convenient place.

How to Train Trx Home Gym
How to Do Trx Home Gym


Total Body Resistance Exercise or abbreviated TRX are special sport loops. Athletes call this device the Tirex, which reflects the fact that it allows you to become powerful, strong, because you have to face one of the most aggressive representatives of the fauna that ever existed on Earth.

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Benefits Training with TRX Home Gym

Thus, it turns out that the basic principle of training using the TPX loop is based precisely on the resistance, which is due to the design of this device. It is a more perfect version of a sports rubber, but with some difference, so you can not confuse these projectiles with each other. The first difference is that “Loops” produce on the basis of belts with high strength. Initially for loops used lines from parachutes.

How to use Trx loops
How to Use Trx loops

The main advantages of this TRX home gym are the following important points:

Increased coordination, due to the lack of any special fasteners and rigid stop.

  • Strengthening the interaction between the muscles, because you have to use almost the entire body at the same time.
  • Safety, since there is no additional burden, with the exception of the mass of its own body, no.
  • Performing the most common complex with the application of TPX loops allows you to involve all muscle groups, rather than some separate one.

The Effectiveness TRX

Effectiveness trx home gym
How to Do Effectiveness Trx loops


The design of the pendant training device is flexible, which makes training with it somewhat different than with the use of other simulators and devices.

To work with these loops, it is necessary to consider the following points:

  • Tendons, ligaments, musculoskeletal system should work exclusively coordinated;
  • Any even the most simple movement requires good balancing and coordination;
  • Training with “TRX Home Gym” allows you to comprehensively develop and improve your body.

For beginners, this device allows to reduce the load on the vertebral department without losing the effectiveness of the training itself. Experienced athletes find TPX loops useful, because it allows you to work not only on the surface, but also on the deep muscle layers.

TRX Loops – Home Workout or Gym?

Complex exercises, of course, are best performed in the gym, but basic ones can be done absolutely in any convenient place. This is facilitated by the peculiarity of the construction of the “TRX loops”. They do not take up much space and are quite light. They can be taken with you absolutely everywhere.

Dumbbells or bars can not get or driven with you on a business trip and on a trip. But TRX Home Gym can be fixed to the hook, anchor, Swedish wall, toss through the horizontal bar and even the branch, and also clamp the door.
This allows you not to skip training and keep yourself in top form even when there is no opportunity to go to the gym or engage with dumbbells and barbells.

Basic Exercises with TRX Loops

TRX loops Workout
How to Do Exercises with TRX Loops


When this device was available to coaches and professional athletes, they began to master all the possibilities of the TRX loop. Combining practical skills and creative approach has allowed me to develop a set of recommendations, as well as various versions from simple to complex exercises aimed at working out the whole body.

The main complex with “TRX Home Gym” includes the following workout on:

  1. Back. They take hold of the hinges, take a step forward, tilt the body at an acute angle back and pull the arms up.
  2. Chest: They take an emphasis on their straightened arms, step forward, their fists spread around so that their arms bend at the elbows. The main thing is not to touch the line at the same time.
  3. Shoulder: Hands take on the “Tirex”, take a step forward, spreading the hands first to the sides, and then lifting them up.
  4. Legs: They step backward, deflect the body a little, and keep the arms extended forward. Keep the feet pressed against the floor surface. Do squatting.
  5. Hands (option 1): They take hold of the hinges, step forward, but hands turn their hands upward, and then pull themselves up.
  6. Hands (option 2): This movement can be called twisting on biceps or bench press. Focus on elbows straightened in elbows. Take a step forward. Squeeze, but the elbows in the parties are not bred.

The number of approaches for each of the six exercises with TRX home gym ranges from two to four sets. In each should do from 10 to 15 repetitions. Exhale make an effort, and breathe in when doing the reverse movement.

Tips and Recommendations

How to Do Workout
Tips TRX home gym and guide

You can not start classes with “Trx Loops” without a preliminary good warm-up, which warms up the muscles, which includes:

  1. jogging or running in one place;
  2. gymnastics for the joints;
  3. qualitative stretching;
  4. warming massage when loops are used as a rehabilitation device.

The program is constructed on a casual basis and includes exercises from simple to complex, tailored to suit individual characteristics. The main thing is to have a good motivation, to systematically engage in the transition from easy to progressive movements.

Back Workout – TRX Loops

Back workout with Trx Loops
Back workout with Trx Loops


Specific movements are performed for the growth of the back, depending on tasks assigned. Exercises can be aimed at:

  • Therapeutic effect;
  • General strengthening and improvement;
  • Muscle building.

The complexity of the exercise depends on two factors – the angle of inclination of the body back and the degree of dilution of the elbow joints and fists on the sides.

Classes with Trx loops, beneficially affect the condition of people suffering from problems with the spine. They perfectly strengthen the muscular corset and increase muscle tone.

Trx loops – Reverse Row

back row
Trx – back row workout

It is a complicated variation of the basic row back. When your back assumes the maximum load, the body is recommended to be placed almost parallel to the floor surface. The elbow pulling up to the sides as far as possible. To slightly ease the movement it is allowed to bend your legs. This exercise is not recommended for beginners.

Some experts recommend this exercise for those who are engaged independently, that is not in the gym or in the presence of someone else. This movement tangibly strains the muscles of the core, which are responsible for the stable position of the vertebral and hip sections, forearms, trapezius, and the widest back muscles.

“Gun” – Trx loops Squats One Leg

TRX One Leg Squat
One Leg Squat with TRX Loops

A more complicated variation of conventional sit-ups, because one leg extends parallel to the floor surface.

TRX loops Lunges

Trx Home Lunges
Trx Home Gym Lunges

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Become the back to the projectile and put one foot in both loops, and on the other make a full squat. This movement perfectly works for the legs and full body.

Exercise Programs with TRX Home Gym

Physical loads pursue different goals, therefore, considering that the athletes’ needs are individual, the complex with TRX Home Gym can be directed:

  1. To increase muscle mass;
  2. Be basic, that is, develop physical capabilities;
  3. On the drying of the body, removing from the subcutaneous fat.

Some athletes say that TRX does not allow you to get quick results. But, of course, all individually and to check the effectiveness of a new adaptation for yourself can only be a practical way.

Circuit training for the whole body in 30 minutes

It is performed for half an hour and involves all muscle groups, is aimed at burning excess calories, pulling up the body.

The lesson consists of classical movements:

  • Squats with Trx Loops;
  • Lunges with Trx Loops;
  • Pull-ups with Trx Loops;
  • Push-ups with Trx Loops.

Each workout needs to do several cycles of 15 repetitions.

Split Training Program for Gain Muscle with TRX Home Gym

Split Workout
Trx Loops Split Workout

TPX home gym workout can also be divided into split workouts and full-body workouts. The split workout with TPX is different from the classic workout in the gym. Combine different parts of the body:

  • Back – Chest;
  • Arms-Shoulders;
  • Legs – Abs.

The Split-Program should include:

  • Basic loads;
  • Isolated professional training (twists, twists, and so on).

Three times a week you need to load 1 or 2 muscle groups. The rest between sets should be increased.

Training TRX Program on the week, Drying the Body

Along with regular training, the diet is also observed.

Classes should be held four times a week and include the following workouts:

  • Monday and Tuesday perform a general circular training;
  • Thursday is devoted to intensive training;
  • Saturday doing a strength training.

Drying is carried out exclusively with the use of power simulators. The tempo should be fast, and the pauses between approaches are must be shortened.

TRX Training Program for Girls

TRX allows you to perform a variety of movements, giving a lot of scope for experiments.


The basic exercises, girls are recommended the following movements:

  • Back Row;
  • Push-Ups;
  • One Legs Squats;
  • Raise of the knee to the chest with the body tilted forward, pressed on the sides of the arm;
  • Buttocks Ups from the plank position, when the heels are in loops (lie on the back);
  • Pike workout, legs fixed in the TPX loop.

The result of such a workout is determined by the systematic diet program and other individual characteristics.


TRX home gym has long used for training in agility endurance, and strength. TRX of course is a patented sporting device, but not an innovation, but only an improvement for the workout. You can not consider Trx loops as a miracle simulator, but this gadget is practical, convenient and allows you to keep yourself in good shape at home and on a trip.

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