The Best 7 Full-Body TRX Workout, Benefits, Tips & Training Guide

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This is the Best 7 Full-Body TRX Workout will change Your Life For Ever!

Today we will review the 7 best workout for training the full-body with TRX loops. The TRX loops are mobile equipment that you can take on holiday, in the forest, or in the gym, and you can easily fix the TRX on any convenient elevation and complete our 7 top exercises.

When using TPX, you can pump your whole body, develop endurance and train your cardiovascular system.

How to Do Full-Body TRX Workout
Full-Body TRX Exercises


Workouts with TPX loops are different from strength training or cardio exercises, and can be included in daily work out, for pumping the whole body or for a turn for good warm-up before weight training.

But at the same time, you will not be able to achieve the growth of your muscles when working with TPX, since muscle growth is due to a progressive increase in the load, and this cannot be achieved by training with your own weight.

TRX Workout Benefits & Tips

  1. TPX loops do not affect joints so much, unlike barbells or dumbbells, so injuries are minimal;
  2. Working with loops can develop sufficient stamina for further longer workouts;
  3. The loops of TPX are easily adjusted, when changing the height of the loops, you can change the position of the body thereby changing the load on a particular muscle group;
  4. TRX can be easily transported, as well as attached quickly in the park or to the crossbar near your home, the loops can be placed in a small backpack so you can take them with you to rest in another country.

How to Full-Body TRX Workout

1.  TRX Balance Lunge

Balance Lunge
TRX Balance Lunge


  • Take the loop thx by the handle in both hands, arms extended forward above the head;
  • Perform Lunge as in the classic exercise, where hind leg still be in the air;
  • Pull up with the TPX loop to the belt, change the leg;
  • Use the strength of the arms to pull on the loops, but also use the strength of the legs to return to the starting position, where the legs will be next to each other;
  • Execute 12-15 reps.

2. TRX High Row to External Rotation

Full-Body TRX Workout - High Row to External Rotation
TRX High Row to External Rotation
  • Grasp the handles of the TPX, stretch out your hands in front of you, palms turn to the floor, body tilted back at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • Begin to pull yourself on the hinges of the TPX with the strength of the hands while turning the palms at 90 degrees, hands stretch to the chest, when arms will be near the chest palms must be looking at each other;
  • The back remains straight during the entire exercise, return to the begin position;
  • Do 12-15 reps.

3. TRX Chest Press

TRX loops Workout - Chest Press
TRX Chest Press


  • Hand up the TPX loops to such a height that you are comfortable performing this exercise;
  • Grasp the handles, bend over, and focus on your hands as when push-up from the bench, this will be our starting position;
  • Lower yourself to chest level, with the palms facing the floor;
  • Hold in the lower position for 1-2 seconds, and rise up due to the arms and pectoral muscles;
  • Do 12-15 reps.

You can also try a 20-minute workout with TPX loops.

4. Plank (Body Saws)

Plank (Body Saws)
Plank (Body Saws)
  • Hang handles so that TPX will be 20 cm near the ground;
  • Become in a plank position, an emphasis on forearms and insert your legs in loops, it will be your starting position;
  • Start pushing up yourself with your hands to the loops of thx, shifting the load on your arms and shoulders, holding yourself in the plank position;
  • In this position, pause for 15-20 seconds and return to the starting position;
  • Do 15-20 reps.

5. Knee Tuck

TRX - Knee Tuck
TRX Knee Tuck


  • Hang loops TPX to a height of 25-30 cm. near the ground;
  • Your starting position should resemble an exercise plank, only in this case your legs will be fixed above the ground in TPX loops, and the position will be on straight arms;
  • With helps of muscles of the abdomen, begin to pull the legs to the chest, performing twisting;
  • Perform about 12-15 reps.

6. TRX Hamstring Curl

Full-Body Workout with TRX Hamstring Curl
TRX Hamstring Curl
  • Hang the handles of the loops thx to the lower position, lie on your back and put your feet in the loops;
  • Lift the pelvis from the floor, the emphasis will only be on the shoulder blades and feet, this is the starting position;
  • Start pulling your knees to your chest, avoid sagging loops;
  • Do 12-15 reps.

7. Pec Stretch

TRX Pec Stretch
TRX Pec Stretch


  • Stand with your back to the hinges of the TPX, hang the handles to a height just below the shoulders;
  • The exercise is very much like a chest fly exercise;
  • Grasp the handles of the loops, arms outstretched to the sides, this will be your starting position;
  • Start flys your hands in front of you;
  • Do 12-15 reps.

This training of the whole body with the help of TPX loops will help you to develop a strong, athletic body of your dreams, and due to the compactness of TPX, you can take it with you to any place wherever you go.

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