20 Min TRX Gym Complex: Total Body Workout: Types, Benefits

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The 20 Min TRX Complex for Total Body Workout

The 20 min Trx Gym Complex workout for strengthening the press and working out the whole body. Hanging loops are not accidentally acquired the status of an effective fitness tool.

How to 20 Min TRX Gym for Total Body Workout
20 Min TRX Gym for Total Body Workout


In many ways, it is built on the ability to vary the load, the complexity of the exercises, and the angle of the target muscles, which makes TRX gym exercises a suitable option for both beginners and regulars of gyms.

But more importantly: only with the help of some of these functional loops does the option of working out different muscular groups appear. In the first part of the article, devoted to TRX exercises, we examined how it is possible to pump the upper and lower parts of the body.

And today we offer to familiarize ourselves with the complex program of working out the whole body and the technique of drawing the muscles of the abdomen with the help of TRX loops.



What is it Trx Loops?

The TRX loops were invented by the U.S. military for field training. And they turned out to be a very effective item.

After demonstrating their effectiveness, the loops began to be mass-produced, and became a very compact trainer for home training. TRX Gym exercises are suitable for both beginners and more experienced athletes. At the same time, they are very effective and easy to use. And today they are equipped with almost all modern fitness clubs.

The 20 min TRX Gym Complex exercises for all Muscle Groups

To progress the optimal result, exercises must be performed in the complex. And these complexes can also be different. For example, “full-body”, when we train several muscle groups at once in one training session:

1. 20 Min TRX for Legs and Buttocks

1.1 Squat with TRX

This is one of the most common Trx gym leg exercises.

How to Do Trx Legs Squat
Legs Squat workout


Evenly includes in the work all the muscles of the legs, including the gluteus. A huge plus of this exercise is that it can be performed even for beginners athletes with their own weight, as the squats are performed without a sharp angle and thereby relieve part of the load from the knee joints due to the strength of the hands.

1.2 Lunges with TRX loops

How to Do Lunges
Lunges workout

Another exercise that is great for beginners with a lot of weight.
Try to keep the knee out of one line toes at lunges. Reliance on the leg that is in front. This movement perfectly includes gluteal muscles and the back of the hips.

1.3 TRX Lunges the side.

Another exercise that is great for beginners.

How to Do Lunges side trx
Lunges side workout
  • From the upper position, holding the handle of the trx gym in your hands, lunge in one side, and go to the other side.

Alternate lunges, and perform the desired number of repetitions. It includes all the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

2. 20 Min Back Exercises with TRX Loops


2.2 Pull-ups with Trx loops

At home (or in the gym), partial pull-ups are most common.

How to Do TRX Pull ups
Pull-ups exercises

This movement completely repeats the anatomy of classical pull-ups, but reduces the load, since your legs are on the floor. Try to move your elbow to the side, as in the image. Thus, you fully include the broadest muscles. This exercise is great for beginners.

You can also perform pull-ups with a narrow grip.

How to do pull-ups with a narrow grip
pull-ups with a narrow grip workout

In this embodiment, the load on the back muscles is distributed a little differently, and we use the back muscles differently. In addition, the muscles of the forearm take a little more load. As a rule, pull-ups with wide and narrow grip are combined.

2.3 TRX – Back Row

This is one of the best Trx Gym exercises for the back. If pull-ups refer to “vertical” pulls, then this movement is to “horizontal” pulls.

How to Do TRX back row
back row workout


When performing the exercise, try to exercise traction precisely due to the muscles of the back. In general, TRX Gym Loops are great for training your back.

In this movement, it is simple enough to adjust the load. To increase it, change the angle of inclination (the housing is closer to the floor).

3. 20 min Chest Exercises with TRX Loops

3.1 TRX, Push-ups Workout

How to Do trx push-ups
push-ups workout

It may seem to you initially that this exercise is easier than classic push-ups. On the other hand, you can increase the amplitude of motion by stretching the pectoral muscles more strongly. Exercise is great for beginners. The load is adjusted by changing the angle of inclination.

3.2 Push-ups in Trx loops

how to do trx pushups workout
pushups workout

This option is already more complicated, and in terms of load, it surpasses classical push-ups. Firstly, the legs are in loops, which increases the load. And secondly, you need to constantly maintain a balance, which includes additional stabilizers.

4. 20 min Abs & Oblique Workout with TRX Gym Loops

When you start training Trx loops, you understand that this sports equipment is simply designed to work out the abs and oblique muscles (all “stabilizing muscles” – the lumbar, buttocks, abs, oblique muscles, and so on).

4.1 TRX, pull legs to the body

how to do abs workout
abs Trx Gym workout guide


In this exercise, working all the muscles of the abs (including the oblique) work fine, as well as the muscles of the upper body. Great exercise at home.

Also, this exercise can be executed by standing on your elbows (in the classic plank).

how to do trx elbow plank
elbow plank workout

4.2 TRX, Lateral raise of the pelvis

how to do side plank oblique
side plank oblique workout guide

It perfectly includes the oblique muscles of the press. Stand sideways, legs in fixed in three loops. Perform the required number of repetitions

5. 20 min Arm Workout with TRX 

5.1 Arm curls with TRX

how to do biceps curl
biceps curl workout


This is a fairly effective exercise that includes the biceps and forearm muscles. The load is adjusted by changing the slope. The closer your body is to the ground, the greater the pressure on your hands.


Perform only 20 minutes a day of the TRX gym complex workout anywhere, at home or in the gym, choose one exercise from each complex, and then alternate the exercises in a week to maximize of pump and growing the muscle.

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