TRX 20 Min Total Body Workout


Complex TRX exercises!

TRX 20 Min Total Body Workout

Complex TRX exercises for strengthening the press and working out the whole body.
Hanging loops are not accidentally acquired the status of an effective fitness tool.

In many ways, it is built on the ability to vary the load, the complexity of the exercises and the angle of the target muscles, which makes TRX exercises a suitable option for both beginners and regulars of gyms.

But more importantly: only with the help of some of these functional loops does the option of working out different muscular groups appear. In the first part of the article, devoted to TRX exercises, we examined how it is possible to pump the upper and lower parts of the body.

And today we offer to familiarize with the complex program of working out the whole body and the technique of drawing the muscles of the abdomen with the help of TRX loops.

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