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How to Do Incline Champagne Press

The dumbbell press on the inclined bench with the palms inward (Incline Champagne Press).

Incline Champagne Press
How to Do Incline Champagne Press


This is one of the formative exercises aimed at the upper part of the pectoral muscles. It is one of the most effective methods to turn a flat chest into massive mounds, because it is the top of the chest that determines the visual impression of it. The bigger it is, the bigger the whole chest seems.

That’s why this exercise is loved not only by bodybuilders, but also by ladies engaged in fitness – with the help of a small chest you can add volume.

In addition, due to the attachment of the mammary glands, the development of the lower part of the pectoral muscles can cause the lowering of the feminine charm, but this does not happen when pumping the top.

The exercises involve:

  • Large pectoral muscle (with an emphasis on the upper part);
  • Small pectoralis muscle.

Assisting muscles:

  • Anterior bundle of deltoids;
  • Brachial;
  • Trapezoidal;
  • Short head of biceps.

Correct execution technique Incline Champagne Press


  1. Raise the back of the bench to a comfortable angle.
  2. Lay down on a bench, with your legs spread wider than your shoulders and rested against the floor. Take the dumbbells from above and put them on your hips. Press the shoulders, hips and head, the spine retains a natural bend.
  3. Lift the dumbbell to your shoulders, close to the deltas. Point the eye up, fix a small deflection in the waist and chest.
  4. Inhale, hold the dumbbells in the breath hold. You can exhale after overcoming the most difficult part of the ascent. At the top, they should be strictly above the shoulders.
  5. Make a short pause at the top.
  6. On inspiration, with controlled movement, lower the dumbbells back to the shoulders. Do not hold the weight down, hold your breath and start the reverse movement.

In this exercise it is very important to choose the “own” angle of inclination of the back of the bench. Usually it is 30-45 degrees.

Incline Champagne Press Proper Form
Ho to Do Incline Champagne Press Proper Form


The lower the back, the less emphasis is placed on the top of the chest, so there is no point in setting the angle at 15-20.

Then higher bench raised, the more actively the deltoids and trapezoids are connected, that is, the more weight is applied to the shoulders. At an angle of 45 degrees, the voltage is distributed approximately in half between the shoulders and the chest.

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