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🔥Tutorial Legs Workout👇

✅ How to Do the Leg Press

  • Also Known As: Machine leg press, machine squat press, seated leg press
  • Targets: Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus
  • Equipment Needed: Leg press machine
  • Level: Beginner


Tutorial Legs Workout
Tutorial Legs Workout

🔥 HOW TO: 


The leg press is a popular piece of gym equipment that can help build key muscles in your legs. There are two types of leg press machines commonly found in gyms: the standard horizontal leg press and the 45-degree leg press that has a seat that reclines at an angle while your legs press upward in a diagonal direction. Both machines are used to develop the quadriceps and hamstrings of the thigh as well as the gluteus (buttocks). While it seems like a simple exercise, it’s important to learn how to use it properly. By paying attention to your form, you can maximize the strength-building benefits and prevent injury. The leg press is used as part of a leg strengthening routine or a machine circuit workout.
Hack Squat Vs Leg Press
Hack Squat Vs Leg Press

🔥 Benefits


The leg press machine allows you to get the benefits of a barbell squat for developing the quadriceps. Secondarily, it develops the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and calves. By varying your foot position you can emphasize different muscles. It builds strength in these muscles and you can use it to overcome imbalances, such as when runners have more developed hamstrings than quadriceps.

🔥 Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Brace your abdominal muscles and push the platform away with your heels and forefoot. Your heels should remain flat on the footplate. The front of your foot or toes should never be used exclusively to move the pad forward.
  2. While exhaling, extend your legs and keep your head and back flat against the seat pad. Extend with slow control rather than with an explosive movement.
  3. Pause at the top of the movement. Do not lock out your knees and ensure that they are not bowing out or in.
  4. While inhaling, return the footplate to the starting position by gradually bending the knees. Keep the feet and back flat throughout.
  5. If you have never done leg presses before, start modestly with three sets of 10 leg presses. You can advance from there as you build strength.

🚨 How To Squat: The Exercise Everyone Should be Doing


Basic Squat
Basic Squat

✅ Benefits of A Basic Squat

There are many reasons you should incorporate basic squat into your workouts. Here are just a few:

✅ Strengthen and Sculpt Your Legs


The Basic Squat is one of the most perfect exercises for strengthening and sculpting your legs. Not only is it low impact, but it starts with a wide, solid base making it safe for most people to practice. Those who have bad knees might struggle with lunges, but squats give you the stability of both legs working in unison.

✅ Tone and Shape Your Tush

And nice strong, shapely rear end is the envy of all. If that’s what you’re looking for, look no farther than the basic squat. Sitting back into your heels and squeezing your backside as you come up helps you focus on correct form and fire your glute muscles for real results.

✅ Burn Calories

The Basic Squat uses the largest muscles in your body so it ends up burning more calories than things like bicep curls or tricep extensions that rely on smaller areas. You see, the larger the muscle being used, the more energy needed when you work that muscle.

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