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✅ This one was highly requested as well. Actually comment down below which exercises you’d like to see me draw! ⁣


Anyway, let’s get to the tutorial for the FS. Just like the back squats, the front variation is a great exercise for quad development, even though it placing more more emphasis on the quads and knees and less on hips/glutes, which is why your FS will always be weaker than the back squat . ⁣

✅✅✅ The main difference with the BS is obviously where the bar gets placed: on the front squat, the barbell will rest on the shoulders, requiring more of an up-right torso. It’s very important to keep in mind the “Elbows up” cue, as this automatically pushes the load on the shoulder shelf.⁣

🔥 The weight stays mid foot the entire time.⁣

Front Squat Grips
Front Squat Grips

❌❌❌ Wrist/elbow/low back pain is typically seen on people who hold the barbell with their wrists on a front rack grip. This automatically lowers the elbows, drawing the barbell forward and increasing the risk of injury. ⁣

💡Always pay attention to where the barbell sits and how the weight distributes on you. Make sure to keep these 3 cues in mind when front squatting. ⁣

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