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🚨 Exercise of the upper chest

👇 To pump up the chest, you need to study 6 exercises:

  • Bench bar from different angles.
  • Dumbbell flys at an angle of 30 and 45 degrees.
  • Press the dumbbells at the same angles.
  • Reducing hands in the crossover (hands above the parallel).
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars.
  • Push ups from the floor with your head down.


Exercises for every parte of the chest



🚨 Example of chest workout 

Chest workout
Chest workout


🚨 Lower chest workout

Which exercises to choose for the lower pectoral?

An important moment when pumping the Lower of the chest is choosing the right exercises. Behind the lower chest is the reverse inclination of the bench. Those. such an exercise like bench press lying down, you will need to carry your head down to the back of the incline bench. An excellent exercise will be to press the barbell head down. The angle of the bench should be about 30-45 degrees. Alternatively, you can alternate the barbell and dumbbells, performing a dumbbell presser head down.

Lower chest workout

🚨 Exercise of the middle pectoral muscle and internal



How to pump the middle part of the pectoral muscles?

  • Let’s pay attention to:
  • barbell push up with a narrow grip;
  • push-ups from the floor (palms inward);
  • the flys of dumbbells lying;
  • bench press lying;
  • crossover;
  • pullover.

Exercise of the middle pectoral muscle and internal

Do the exercises as shown in the picture for the most effective result



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