How to build legs | Tips

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How to build legs

Legs workout



If you are pumping your entire body in one workout, include one exercise for each muscle group. If you prefer splits, select one or two options for each group and add to the program of classes on the legs day.

Multi-joint exercises in which the leg is bent in both the hip and knee joints (squats, deadlift, lunges) is best performed at the beginning of the training. So you can give all your best and take more weight than if you had previously tired your muscles and nervous system with simpler loads. Perform single joint exercises at the end of the workout.

For maximum muscle growth, do 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps. Choose weight so that the last movements in each approach are difficult. You can do the latter approach to muscle failure.

Performing exercises with a working weight should be preceded by several warm-up approaches with a lighter barbell. For example, before squatting with a barbell of 80 kg, you can do three approaches with a step of 20 kg: 5 times with a bar 20 kg, 5 times with a bar 40 kg, 3 times – from 60 kg.

To avoid stagnation in training, periodically alternate exercises, and also change the setting of the legs and position of the feet where possible.

We will consistently tell you how to pump the front, back and inner thighs.

What exercises to perform for the front of the thigh.

1. Squats with a barbell on the back

Exercise uses the muscles of the legs and body, well loads the front of the thigh.



Take the barbell from the racks, bring the shoulder blades, straighten the chest, straighten the back. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly extend the socks to the sides. Take your pelvis back and sit down to parallel the hips with the floor.

2. Squats with a barbell on the chest


Remove the bar from the racks, bring your elbows forward, bend your back. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly extend the socks to the sides. Squat to the parallel of the hips with the floor or a little lower and rise back.

3. Leg Press

✅Close Stance Leg Press
✅Close Stance Leg Press


Sit on the simulator chair, press your lower back to the bench back and do not tear off until the end of the exercise. Put your feet at the bottom of the platform: this position maximizes the load on the front of the thigh. The high setting of the legs provides more load on the buttocks.

Bend the legs under the weight of the platform to a right angle at the knees, and then squeeze it back. At the extreme point, do not straighten your knees completely, leave them slightly bent.

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