Strengthening Muscles of the Legs | Training program

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Strengthening the muscles of the legs

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Not everyone, coming to the gym, sets the goal of pumping muscle mass or strength. Many people go to support their tone and, to a greater extent, to improve their health. As a rule, these are people aged or busy, for whom the gym and training do not have such a high priority in life as we athletes do. This article is dedicated to just such a category of people.

Why do I need to strengthen my leg muscles?

A sedentary and predominantly sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that the muscles of the legs atrophy and weaken. Weak legs increase the load on the heart and blood vessels, which ultimately ends with the development of diseases common at the present time – hypertension and various heart pathologies.

For successful prevention of this, it is necessary to train and strengthen the muscles of the legs. To do this, there are a number of excellent and fairly simple exercises.

The best exercises for strengthening the muscles of the legs

Before analyzing the exercises we need, you need to understand that leg training involves training individual muscles of a given group, the main ones being quadriceps and hip biceps. It is to strengthen these muscle groups that our exercises will be directed.


So, we list the best movements to strengthen the muscles of the legs:
  • Leg press – this exercise perfectly loads the quadriceps and promotes the outflow of venous blood from the legs, facilitating the work of the heart;
  • Lunges on the step platform – this exercise simulates climbing stairs and well loads quadriceps, as well as gluteal muscles;
  • Bending the legs in the simulator (lying down) – this exercise strengthens the biceps of the hips, which allows more effective stabilization of the knee joint during movement.

Now, based on these exercises, you can make a training complex.

Exercises Approaches Repetitions
Leg press 3 15
Lungs on the step platform 3 12
Leg curl in the simulator 3 15


Perform this training complex once a week. At the end of the program, stretch.

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