The Pectoral Muscles + Program

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Pectoral muscles + Program

Chest Workout



Training chest muscles is important in strength training for girls. This is due to the fact that developed pectoral muscles, participating in breast support, can visually slightly increase its volume. However, exercises for women differ from classical men’s, as well as the nature of the load, the purpose of which is not to increase muscle mass, but to strengthen muscles, their development and tone.

The best exercises to strengthen chest muscles

Before presenting a list of exercises, I recommend separating them by degree of difficulty and severity. This is very important because for some, some exercises will seem simple and easy, and for others – too heavy at this stage of preparation.

Exercises for entry level training:

  1. Bench press in the Hammer exercise machine
  2. Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench
  3. Crossovers on the upper blocks
  4. Chest Strength Training Program


Further, based on the above exercises, you can create training programs aimed at strengthening the muscles of the chest. As in the case of exercises, we will present 2 complexes – for girls of primary and secondary level of preparation.

Complex for entry level training:
Exercise Repetition Approaches
Push-ups (from the bar or from the floor on the knees) 3 15
Hand reduction in the “Pec-Deck” simulator 3 15-20
Flys with dumbbells 3 15


Complex for the average level of preparation:
Exercise Repetition Approaches
Bench Press 3 15
Dumbbell bench press (tilt up) 3 15
Crossovers on the upper blocks 3 15-20



Perform any of the above programs based on your experience and level of training. The frequency of execution is 1 time per week.

Any of these complexes can be performed both on a separate day, and in combination with training of back muscles or biceps.

If you started with the first complex, then after 6 weeks of training, try switching to a more complex complex for an average level of training.

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